Lemlem - Supermodel/actress and former World Health Organisation's for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Liya Kebede discovered that traditional weavers in her native country of Ethiopia were losing their jobs due to a decline in local demands for their goods and wanted to do something about it.  Recognizing the beauty, quality and historic significance of their work, Liya started Lemlem in 2007 as a way to inspire economic independence in her native country and to preserve the art of weaving.

Today, Lemlem, which means to flourish or bloom in Amharic, is thriving.
(all taken' from Lemlem website)

Kaftan  -  shorts  -  scarf  -  palazzo pants  -  cover up  -  bag  -  drape tank  -  pants  -  cover up

so i'm pretty obsessed over this brand - i'm a sucker for anything for a 'cause' and if it's coming straight from the working hands of Ethiopians i'm SOLD! - guess what this girl is stocking up on this summer? - ps the price tag isn't on the cheap side, but i justify the cost due to the labor and materials used - her designs go from dresses to cover up, to pants and shorts, to bags and scarfs, shoes and tunics, ponchos and skirts, to even pillows and blankets - and there's a kids line too - i think you'll dig it Butterflies! 

PSS - Lemlem is shipped right from NJ - HOLLA! 


PS - Jersey has officially got it's first heat wave - started yesterday and it will continue to be in the 90's the next few days - so b/c this girl can't afford an in ground pool - i took my butt right on over to Target and got me this sucker - i even bought 2 rafts to float on- liven' the ghetto life dream right now!

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  1. I hadn't heard of lemlem before. What a good cause. It's hot hot hot here too. Summer is officially here.

  2. What a find! I am loving all of these!! It will be hard to choose which to get.

    and I am with you, that little pool looks perf!

  3. Wow, nice threads! I love the cuts and colors! Enjoy the hot weather! It's coooollld in Switzerland!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. Thanks Ericka! Those shorts are so cute and look super comfy. I agree.. anything for a cause makes it better from the get-go. Beautiful colors and textiles! xxleslie

  5. I love the LemLem stuff but wish it wasn't so $$! stay cool!

  6. Such beautiful pieces.
    And what a great cause!

    Happy weekend, darling :)


  7. Didn't know this brand, those clothes look lovely, thanks for sharing =)

    Fashion and Cookies
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  8. I love their pieces!! My mom actually just bought a cute summer dress from them. She hasn't worn it yet. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  9. Hellllloooo Lemlem. I think I need the entire collection! :)

  10. A great cause and the pieces look perfect for summer's scorching heat. Love how the fabric in each piece seems light and airy. Thanks for the intro.

  11. never heard of this brand before but i love it!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  12. i love that dress in the bottom left!

  13. This is such a cool company... Love their stuff!!!

  14. What a great idea to showcase on your blog as Lemlem is a very good cause. I love the pieces, they all look really very light and comfortable but also stylish. It was a smart idea to get the inflatable pool now for the way the weather has been lately.

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  15. What a gorgeous line - everything just looks so soft and comfy. I love the scarf and the 1st dress on the left in the bottom row. We had a heat wave last week. Phew! Float away on your float and if I were there I'd float alongside you. xo

  16. I love purchasing something knowing some of the proceeds are going to a good cause, for example TODS shoes. Buy one, give one!


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