Ghetto Dreamin'

the essentials of having a ghetto backyard - i'm not sure if i'm proud about it or not - but my backyard is hosting all of the above - for those hot days that i just need to cool down, take in some sun, and relax after work (NJ is currently hosting its 3rd heat wave - this one has been over a week long and been over 100 degrees everyday - its been holy pants on fire hot!) - so it's gonna be a ghetto summer in my backyard this year b/c this girl can't afford a built in pool and all the fixing that go with it - so this shall do for now - so far it's been a hit - anything goes :o)

your totally singing 'gin and juice' right now aren't ya?! 


PS - haven't had much time to blog of late - i hope to be blogging again at some point (probably in the fall) - also i haven't had time to read blogs either (sorry!) - excited to catch up with everyone soon - you can always find me on instagram or facebook (i usually only use my personal account on FB - just let me know and i'll request you that way) - wishing you the BEST SUMMER of your lives!!!!

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  1. As long as you're cooling off and relax - go for it!

    Yup, gin & juice is all up in my head right now!

  2. I have a second palm tree for you! lol! Double the shade!

  3. We call that the White Trash Riviera. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Hi Erika! This post is has me smiling;) I like all these yard necessities and why not improvise if you need to, right? Crazy weather you are having! Stay cool~

  5. I love it!!! The Flamingos are my favorite part! Its fun and keeps you cool....doesn't get better than that!

  6. Totally singing Gin & Juice!! Snoop is one of my faves!!!!

  7. I love it all! Could I come over and bring the dip and cupcakes??
    Take care of yourself dear and have a lovely summer! See you on FB!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. I so want to party in your backyard :) Miss you!



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