here in north NJ we have been hit with a lot of snow this winter - well snow and ice - this thing called a polar vortex has been to blame for the frigid temperatures - and yet again another storm is set to hit tonight and doesn't look like it's going to stop till Friday morning - don't get me wrong, i love me a good snow store - but i must admit i think i might be over snow storms after this upcoming one - which is expected to lay another 12+ inches {we already have had 40+ inches so far}

let me ask my Canadian and cold weather friends ~ how do you deal with this?! ~ i luckily get to work from home on snow days; do you have the same leisure? ~ or do you have to wake up at 5 am to dig out your car, pray that the roads have been plowed, and get to work? ~ does everyone drive SUV's and have snow tires? ~ i imagine it must be such a different way of living that you come accustomed too ~ love to hear about it!!

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  1. Erika, I'm so sorry you all have been hit with back to back storms all winter. It's crazy to hear that some parts of the country have had very little precipitation and will likely be in drought conditions this summer. At any rate, if I were you ~ I'd be getting a little grumpy at this point! Stay warm!

  2. Ooh ooh! I'm Canadian! Pick me!


    YES, it's pretty annoying and every morning I look outside HOPING I don't have to scrape the car off. Brushing the snow off isn't as bad as having to scrape the ice--but one or the other is usually a given.

    I'm in Ottawa, Ontario (the Nation's capital) and it's like 40C in the summer, and -40C in the winter; it's quite the swing and it calls for a ton of layers. I would most definitely prefer NOT having to leave the house when it's so cold, but yes, we still have to go to work :)

    Most people have snow tires, but not everyone. In Quebec it's illegal not to have them. That said, I wouldn't want to be driving around with my nice summer rims in the winter time because the salt corrodes them and while some people do, most people get steel rims for their winter tires.

    Anywho, hopefully we are almost at the end of it, we've had the coldest winter in 20 years (!!!) and I'm sooooo over winter. I need some HEAT!!


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