The Giving Keys

if you know me at all - you know i love the idea of 'paying it forward'; doing things 'for a cause'; and i always smile to whomever i see b/c you never know if that person just needed that smile ~ i have always thought 'what if'; so i really try to do my very best to be open to everyone i come into contact with b/c you never know if you will be that 1 person who changed someones life; even if it was for a few moments ...

have you heard of The Giving Keys?

here's the deal - they are used keys with inspiring words on them - you buy a key and the only requirement is that after that key has served its purpose for you, you must give the key to someone else to let it serve its purpose to them; letting them know to continue paying it forward and serving its purpose.

also when you give your key away - you can post your story here; so others can read how the key has served you and hopefully how it will serve others - after all we're all living this life together; so why not make it a good one - being kind, helpful, loving, caring, and filled with goodness has never hurt anyone

here's a few options below of the keys:

check out The Giving Keys (they sell in stores as well)

as my Dad has ingrained into every thread of my being - 'do because you want to and never expect anything in return' - if you expect something in return you'll only be disappointed and you did it for all the wrong reasons to begin with

be kind
love one another
smile often and laugh even more
go get your key that will serve you and pass it on

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  1. That is beautiful and so very you. You are the epitome of giving.


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