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i'm a sucker for any cause - i believe there is a higher power and when you do good things in time a reward will come your way - it may be small, it may be big, but most importantly it usually comes when you really need it

yesterday leaving work i got my 'reward' if you will - since gaining all my weight I've been really struggling with self-confidence and navigating my life in this new broken down body - I've noticed first hand how differently people treat a chubby girl to a skinny one; and it's huge and heartbreaking!

*back story*
i had a crushing Sunday night, i somehow mustered up the strength and made it to work on Monday; i also made a pact to myself that day; that enough is enough and i'm finally going all in and getting my life back - i lost my way being there for everyone else who needed me and it's time that i'm here for myself - I've learned the hard way people love to take but are not willing to help when others are in need; it's been one of the hardest and disappointing lessons in life i had to learn/experience

so anyway as i'm heading to the park to get my 4 miles in - a cute guy actually hits on me and told me how cute i was - *i was a deer in headlights* - i haven't had a stranger hit on me in what feels like forever! - i don't mean to toot my own horn (i mean i do at times, b/c hell if no one else is gonna toot it i better) but guys trying to pick me up was a normal thing for me

my way to pay it forward was every time i saw a person sitting solo on a bench, i made sure i gave them a wink and a smile (ok so they didn't see my wink b/c i had sunglasses on, but i did wink) - everyone could always use a smile right?!

ok enough about me - i just got introduced to beondBeanie

( 1 beanie - 5 meals   1 bag = 1 set of school supplies  1 poncho = 1 school uniform )

each product is made in Bolivia by a talented artisan who signs each piece of clothing personally

here are the artisans that create the one of a kind pieces - and if you click here you can read about how your purchase has impacted her life 

so i'm sure your wondering what the goods look like - here's just a sample - head over to beyond Beanie to check it all out 

there's no such thing as having too much good karma on your side! 

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  1. It's great to see you blogging again dear! I'm sure you will do whatever you set to accomplish. It won't be easy, but you can do it!
    I love products with a cause and these beanies are pretty cute!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living


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