Donation Regret - DIY Dresser

do you ever experience donation {or seller} regret? - i'm having a serious case of the blues on this one! - last trash day i threw away my solo-flex machine - i was clearing out my parents basement and i just said 'screw it, let the metal people take it and get some cash for it' - but now that I've been working out 5+ times a week, i really wish i kept it instead of now having to go out and buy one

i also threw out a ton of old furniture - there's chairs i'm really missing right now - but mostly i'm thinking about all the dressers i threw away - WHAT WAS I THINKING?! - you can never have enough dressers! - i mean seriously, right now instead of having loads of bags and bins of clothes, i could have them neatly organized and settled into a draw - and i wouldn't even need to worry about space b/c they could all be in my basement {aka exercise/laundry dungeon}

not only am i upset that i got rid of some really good stuff - i'm also a little blue over the fact that they could of been my DIY projects over the winter - since I've been really craving an artistic outlet as of late; these now gone dressers would of been a way to 'fix' that - my hands/mind have been steady for too long, they need to get working on something artistically! - needless to say i'll be keeping my eye open to all curb alerts on dressers in the hood!

here's what could of been of my dressers:


* PS i plan to be putting a load of stuff on eBay; i have hundreds of designer items i need to let go of - I've been in the process of 'trying' {key word} to let go but i haven't pulled the trigger yet - i'll keep you posted to when i actually post on eBay - all 100% authentic designer labels *

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  1. I just recently experienced a big life change and only took a small amount of my belongings with me and now I feel like I can never find anything because I can't remember if I brought it with me or not. Oh how I miss my VERY organized days and walk in closet. :)


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