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looking through my feed on Instagram - i saw Homegoods posted a picture of Kristy's daughters room { she has a blog Wicks Nest } and i went into full on hunt mode - she had custom quality french paper flowers made by Fanciful Designs { here's her Etsy shop } and i'm determined to get a set for my own bedroom! - i have one wall in my bedroom that i really can't figure out what i wanted to do with it to jazz it up and these flowers are exactly what it needs ! ... i've also been looking for a daybed for my spare bedroom and i'm loving this one from Restoration Hardware!

pictures from here

BTW - the flowers are great for weddings { back of the brides chair } - or for a backdrop for a step-n-repeat - use for table settings etc - check out Fanciful Designs for more ideas and custom designs!

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  1. Hi Erika! What an absolutely beautiful and whimsical room! I love Kristy's style and those flowers are so much fun:)

  2. I LOVE that bed!!! Gorgeous! Hope you're doing well.

  3. I love anything from Restoration Hardware!! Wow, you blog is gorgeous. Blogger has certainly come a long way with their templates! I lost a lot of readers when I switched to Squarespace. If I had know Blogger's templates were going to become so much more flexible I would have stayed. Miss you! Deb xo

  4. I havent been here for ages!!!! I love the new blog design!!!!


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