wow it's been a serious minute since i've blogged - so much has happened and so little as well - i've been having this nagging feeling to get myself blogging again - so i figure why not pop on here and see where it takes me - will it be on the regular? who knows - will it be every month? maybe - will it be one and done? your guess is as good as mine - but here i am and it feels good to sign on

*hi butterflies*

apparently there's A LOT of housecleaning that needs to be done - looks like a bunch of my coding is broke *sorry* and lord only knows the issues i'll find as i actually get back at this - please bare with me as i dust off the cyber cobwebs ( PS - if your a web designer i'm all ears for suggestions to update this little spot! ) - i'm thinking i'll post and 'fix' as i go - let's see where it takes me this go around

*thanks again for sticking around*

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