Starting off TODAY ..

Here i am .. starting off this 'blog' .. YIKES .. What will all of this become?! - a place called therapy? - From retail or from myself? .. This will be a place where I'll post my fashonista desires, for that new bag or pair of boots. A place where you'll see the inspirations i get for my house ..

oh BTW I'm a homeowner that is starting off this blog as i start my new life in my new house .. well the house isn't new per-say, but i did renovate the entire thing, it screams ERIKA in rejoice! .. you'll see my inspiration for striped ceilings and a disco ball in my kitchen and real silver paint! Not to mention my fuchsia hallway and cowhide rugs! .. it's ME ME ME ..

You also see some of my poems and poems i have found that touched my soul .. you'll hear of jubilation my friends have shared with me .. you'll hear of the embarrassments on interviews and my journeys around the concrete jungle .. this place will be filled of who i am, what i am, and where i am going and who i am becoming .. i am ever changing as the world is around me .. and well i embrace the ride!


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