Braid Fevah

I LOVE BRAIDS!!! .. i don't have the thick-long hair that really makes a braid pop .. but i work with what i have and rock my braids .. Here's a few i'm obsessed with:

The simplicity of this style i LOVE!  -  i actually wore this to a 4th of July BBQ.  So simple to do!  Just wear your hair down with a natural wave and put a simple braid down each side of ur face and fasten them in the back .. simple simple simple and timeless! 

The Fishtail Braid or Herringbone Braid .. off to the side done loosely

Here's another picture of full body hair with mini-braids .. i just love the idea of braids - i dunno if it's because it reminds me of childhood or what - but i just think they are really youthful and fresh ..

Here we have the double side french braids that twists around a loose bun - talk about refreshing - i can see myself wearing this on a island, sipping a colada while dancing to Caribbean music ..

Here's the side french braid - one of my favorites - i think i wore this almost everyday last summer!  - side french to get all the hair out of your face, then ponytail in the back to keep off your neck - just a classic way to stay cool in the summer and QUICK and polished!

here's the same concept - but instead of just going to 1 side - Nicole opted to have braids on each side - pulled back to a bun .. love love love

One of my classics - the braided pigtails!  - so easy, so cute, i can't resist them!  - jump out of the shower, divide the hair, braid quickly and your done!

Lastly - here's some other idea's - braids give you endless possibilities and add fun and character!


  1. I love the look of braids for the summer but I get so frustrated - no matter how many times I try, I can't braid my own hair nicely. Which is ironic since most of my jewelry is woven.


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