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The Bubble Chair - how much do i want this chair?! - how bout enough to sell a kidney! .. Ever since i saw this chair on The Osborn show .. Kelly had one in her room .. i was in love and new at some point in my life, would be the proud owner of one!  I'm thinking it would look great in my livingroom!

I love super modern furniture!  - these 2 couches are my picks!  the bottom one is called La Velle Sectional Sofa.  With its lush velvet and traditional-modern vibe i think this sectional would make such a statement!  Above is a cream color leather sectional.  I really love the low lines, the hardware to make it tough, and the round pillow to soften it up. .. Great sectional if you have lots of company! ... Right now in my life i'm trying to find THE perfect sectional .. leather vs velvet .. bold vs safe

Here is the Gus Spencer Chair .. love this chair to be an accent piece!  - it's got the modern vibe with the traditional feel to it - my type of style!  - with the hardware to make it rough and the soft fabric to lighten it up!

Here top the left is the Zanotta Brasilia Lounge Chair -- this is where i see my backyard seating going! .. i love the liquid lines!!  - it's simple, eye catching, and i bet totally comfy too!  - Screams to me!
And then here are the Vondom Jut Lounge Chairs!  Calling all sunshine .. calling all sunshine .. i'm ready to lay down and take you in .. These chairs are ultra modern and would make any summer time retreat worth it's stay!


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