SO WHAT i'm a bag lady ..

So i LOVE a new bag, i'm one of those girls that HAS to have a new bag every season and always covets the new "it" bag! - Now this year i'm trying to change my ways, but it will be difficult! (i'm committed tho)  - I use to be a total shoe fanatic, then well, bags just took over - i also use to always run to the staple names .. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi .. and well now i try and go for the underdogs in the game, the names that are hoping to be the LV in years to come - and usually they have smaller price tags as well, so that helps!! (i do admit there's a few labels i still want a bag from here and there) ..

Here is my current bag i'm rocking out with - it's the Alexander Wang Gray Coco.  Some sites call it the "Rocco" .. but the Rocco's are actually the suede bags .. i LOVE this bag, defiantly one of my favorites to date!  There's only 1 itty bitty issue with this bag, it's heavy! .. if your going to be carrying this bag all day long, your gonna wanna change bags for that day, unless you wanna build up your arms, then well it's perfect! .. and btw the smell of the leather is intoxicating for me!

Here is Katy Perry toting along with the Chloe Paddington bag.  I have this bag in black, and it's one of my go-to black bags!  .. i have to admit i haven't used it in quite some time, but i love this bag!  .. once again it's a bit heavy b/c the lock on the bag, but it's soooo roomy and just so chic ..

So as i told you, i'm REALLY set against buying the LV/Gucci bags these day's .. i rather have an Alexander Wang/Cleobella bag .. but this Louis Vuitton messanger bag with foxtail that is for Spring 2010 i'm coveting!!! .. this will be my only exception for a LV .. i beyond LOVE the foxtail - i think i would actually be just as happy if i just bought the foxtail and put it on a bag i currently own! .. oh and the foxtail is sold separately from the bag .. (meaning it's SUPER pricey!.. and out of my budget)

Here's my Foley and Corinna Tie-Dyed Convertable tote - i used this bag all last summer - and i wouldn't put it past myself to use this summer as well .. i doubt i will, since i usually use a bag for 1 season then get a new one for the next - but i LOVED LOVED LOVED this bag! - and i got soooooo many compliments on it too!!!

I'm loving this Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Slouchy Bag .. it's rugged and feminine at the same time .. you can see a lot of the celebs carrying this bag around as of late .. only problem is i bet this bag is really heavy too .. also it comes in tons of colors .. so u can let ur mind run wild with this bag!

Here is my Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Clutch - i have it in the black as shown and i LOVE this little bag - it's big enough for your phone, id, money and touchup make-up .. it's simple but yet adds a little 'something-something' .. i love Linea Pelle belts, there the only belts i wear - but there handbags are awesome too! - the leather is super super soft, like a Moni Moni bag (i have the splendor which i looovvveeee)!!

Lastly, cuz i can go on for days when it comes to bags .. is the Tory Burch Anna Satchel.  .. i am a HUGE Tory Burch fan, especially when it comes to her Reva flats .. but this bag with it's simplicity, just seems like a staple in anyone's closet .. this is on my "wish list" ..


Let me know what your thinking!


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