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When it comes to jewelry - i really like the simple understated pieces .. of course here and there you'll find me with a really bold piece, ok well probably on more then 1 occasion .. but i define my jewelry taste as simple elegance .. here's some pieces i heart

To the left are Reminder Bow earrings by Boe and to the right are LOVE earrings by Jennifer Zeuner.  The bow earrings remind me of the days when i would tie a bow on my finger so i wouldn't forget something, i just love the simplicity of the delicate gold.  And the LOVE earrings are just the funky classics.  Easy to wear everyday and to make a statement while you’re at it.


Here to the left is the Loops Ring by Boe and to the right is the Knuckle Love stackable ring by Jules Smith.  I love the 2 of these!  They have a great vibe to both of them - a minimalist take on eye catching style!  And each can be worn stacked with other rings, or alone.   

To the left is an inital necklace by Danielle Stevens and to the right by the Abalone Sunburst necklace by House of Harlow 1960.  Both of these have such great charm!  When you wear either of these necklaces, it's all you need, you don't need to wear 3 other's with it - yet if you want to funk it up, be my guest! 

The red silk peace charm bracelete is by Ra Creations.  It gives the illusion of multiple bracelets, but it's all in one.  I love this piece paired with multiple other bracelets, that have the same idea going on.  This is my type of bracelets i wear all summer long.  The middle bracelete is a multi chain knot by Jennifer Zeuner.  Once again wear this alone or pair it with a couple more.  Lastly the bracelet to the right is by Made Her Think called the Talons & Cobras.  This bracelet features woven leather and Swarovski crystals.  I personally would wear all three of these bracelets together ..

Lastly the black owl rosary necklace by Alkemie Jewlery and Sarah earrings by Roberta Chiarella.  i beyond love the idea of wearing rosary beads as a fashion statement, personally i almost wear my cross everyday, so to take the traditional idea of rosary beads and implement the owl idea, i'm sold!  And then the earrings by RC are one of my go-to pieces!  i have had these for years now, and to this day i'm still in love with them!  They add just enough spunk and class to an outfit.  RC is featured all over the pages of magz as well!


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