These boots were made for walking . . .

Here are a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots called Viva.  I have been in love with these for some time now!  They are only available at Singer22.  I've always been a gal that dreamed of some mean steal between her legs, and one day i'll have my Harley, but in the meantime, i'll sport the boots.  Nothing beats distressed with studs.  I currently have boots that are exactly like these, minus the studs, from middle school that i STILL rock.

Frye - oh how i love Frye boots!  Another staple to my wardrobe are cowboy boots!  I have black and brown one's and on my bucket list is a pair of lizard boots!  I wear them with shorts, dressed, and jeans.  I don't think anyone can go wrong with a cowboy boot!  These above are called the "Billy". 

When it's raining, what are my go-to-boots?  Well nothing but my Hunter Wellies in Yellow.  You can buy the inserts for these boots, they are fleece socks, and they keep your feet toasty!  These boots can take any storm on and any outfit!

So i have every pair of Uggs under the sun .. but i LOVE my Kettle Black double fringe boots!  Now they come with a mighty price tag, but this way my splurge last year, i just HAD to have them!  I'm a rocker/biker/hippie/mod gal/dresser.  So when i saw these boots, i couldn't resist!  And they are warm and cozy like the Uggs everyone and their mother wears .. these you can atleast stand out in the crowd!

i LOVE riding boots!  I think i get myself a new pair every season, ok well not quite every season, but i LOVE a riding boot, especially with this leggings craze going on!  These are by Modern Vintage called Mack.  I have a real fondness toward Modern Vintage, they put a little extra into a simple design, which is totally what i desire!  Here's another pair of riding boots, that are on my wish of wants by Frye, they are the Paige Rising boots. (see below)

So there you have it - boots that are made for walking - and that's just what they'll do -- so now get em' on and strut your stuff!


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