A Woman Who Cannot Be Ugly Is Not Beautiful

So i'm NOT, and i repeat NOT, the kind of girl who spend hours or um even 20 mins on a make-up or beauty routine!  I'm just a simple girl, well when it comes to a beauty routine.  I use to pamper myself all the time with high end beauty products you find at the upscale department stores, but now-a-days i can't bring myself to spend the money on those products!  Surely i can spend 4 digits for a new bag, but $20 to get my eyebrows waxed just seems insane!  One of my 'resolutions' was to keep busy with my eyebrow maintenance, so that i will do! 

In any case here's some of my regular beauty regimens and some of the things i will be trying this 2010!

CHANEL Temporary Tattoo's will be available for a limited time mid-February.  They cost $75 a box, but the box includes 55 different designs.  I'm not a 'fan' of tattoos any longer, i have 1 that i totally regret, but the temporary thing is TOTALLLY my style! - i change my mind so frequently about everything (just ask my boyfriend) that this whole temp tat idea is fascinating to me!  And they aren't the cheesy hearts and flowers you can get at the boardwalk .. i say give em' a try - splurge and have fun!  I'm dying for this necklace with the sparrow above!!! -- Think it will look killer with a white tank top and jeans!

Here you have my basic facial treatment in the shower each morning.  I alternate between the 2.  The St. Ives apricote scrub which has been voted #1 in Allure numerous years in a row!  I really find this is a nice gentle scrub that leave my face fresh and rejuvenated.  Next, i use this Biore microderm exfoliator.  I always say i'm going to go to the spa and get a professional one done, and get my facial and all that stuff, but bottom line i never do, and well this does the trick! 

Skin, skin, skin!  In the summer i do WAY too much sun tanning, and when i was younger i would spend my free time at the tanning salon.  So after my Mom got diagnosed with skin cancer, from all her sun tanning over the years, i decided that just maybe i'll use a lil SPF in the summer and also a spray tan.  BUT i'm one of those people who HATE when i see a girl/guy walking around in "orange" skin!  Long behold though, i found THE MOST amazing product by BYS Cosemtics, their Island Bronze!  (btw the spray is the best!) This leaves you looking naturally tanned, with NO orange tint what so ever!  Only problem though, this is an Australian product, and they ONLY distribute it in Marshall's and TJ Maxx!

Now i'm not the best with keeping up my moisturizing routine, but one of my (here we go again) 'resolutions' was to keep up my moisturizing routine.  So for my body, i have found that St. Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Lotion does the trick for me.  The scent is soft and seems to really do its job!  It's no fancy high end stuff, but like i said, i've found that the products we can buy at our local stores have the same effect as it's high end counterparts.  I also enjoy using the Biore Pore Strips.  I always buy the combo pack, and use them every week or two, you'll be amazed what is hiding in your pores!

So here above is the YSL Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow.  I have not tried and tested this product, but it is on my to do list for 2010.  This shadow costs $28.50 and comes in 4 shades: Pink Sands, Amethyst Grey, Golden Fern, and Copper Brown.  I use to spend $50+ on a single eye shadow, then went to my local CVS, and now i'm returning to buying 'better' eye shadows.  I have found that the shadows you can buy at CVS don't seem to last all day, where the one's from our department stores do. 

I have fine/thin hair - and these 2 products from Goldwell from the Kerasilk line are my life lines!  If you have thick, plentiful hair i would NOT recommend these to you, i really think they are made for someone like myself with fine hair.  The product to the left is called Instant Fluid Silk, this is a leave-in conditioner, that is so super light and yet so protective!  I have never found a better product to date!  And the product to the right is the Rich Care Treatment, this comes in Ultra Rich and Rich, i switch between the 2.  Literally all you need is a dime to nickel size amount to go in your hair, leave it in for 5-10 minuets and then wash out.  This conditioner/treatment does not need to be used everyday, but if you do this treatment once to two times a week, you'll be amazed.  I happen to use to use it everyday, and i swear i have baby soft hair with this product! 

I'd also love to share this product with you!  It's called "Smoothe & Seal" by Sexy Hair.  The line for this product is the 'Straight Sexy Hair', but no worries about this product being heavy and globby in your hair.  You spray it all around your hair and all it does it take any frizzes you may have and tame them!  It's lighter then air, i swear!!!!  Whether you’re putting your hair up in a tight ponytail, straight, or rocking the curls, give your hair a sprits of this product and i promise you, you'll be in love!!!  BTW this product has been revamped to a PINK and GRAY bottle.  It can be found in any of your beauty supply shops, like Ulta. 

Laila is an infusion of Norwegian mountain wildflowers with just a touch of fruit inflections, including watermelon. With no synthetic additives, it mixes with the skin's own oils to remain fresh all day without turning or fading. Laila intoxicates the senses.  It can be purchased at Nordstroms, it is the only retailer i know of that carries this perfume.  To date this is the my single most favorite parfum!  I am also a huge addict of all the Marc Jacobs lines, they seem to really work with my body oils and what i like to smell like.  With as many perfumes that i own (gesh over 25 i'd estimate, YIKES!), you'd think i didn't shower!  But i always felt (still do) that every occasion, every outfit, every moment deserved its own "scent".  How can a girl wear an entire Juicy Couture outfit and not be wearing a Juicy fragrance?!


  1. Like you, I don't spend a lot of time getting ready. I'm about a 10 minute kind of gal and out the door. I'm going to try your shampoo recommendation...I have fine hair too.


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