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So you've heard i'm renovating my house - and i tend to visit restaurant bathrooms .. OK well i pee A-LOT! .. bladder issues i guess, or just nerves, or i just drink a lot of water .. i guess it's an endless question and answer .. but anywho .. here's a chance to see what i'd done in my bathroom - i kept it clean and crisp with a color palette of bright white and light gray .. here's a lil look :

This picture above features the tile i used that surrounds my Jacuzzi tub (which btw has mood lighting, yes my tub water changes colors .. the life!).  It's called Cubica Blanco from Porcelanosa.  The tiles are VERY large, 3 tiles came in a box to give you an idea!
The 2 pictures featured above are my shower and sink faucets.  They are from American Standard the "moments" line.  I got them both in the shiny chrome, but i actually now wish i went with the brushed nickel!  The shiny chrome grabs onto all finger prints and i'm constantly wiping them down, just a heads up .. the look if fantastic, but lots of upkeep!  Oh also for my shower head, i actually have a dual system, with the one featured above and the other by Grohe.  The Grohe is a personal massager, i have pets, and they need baths, so having a personal massager is a MUST in my household!

To the left above is obviously my bathroom vessel sink.  It is by Ronbow.  I love the square and simplicity of the sink!  I needed to buy a drain, so i went with this one by Jaclo.  With just a touch of your finger the drain goes up and down and very stylish if i must say so myself!

Here are my bathroom lights!  They are lotus flower in nature, which you will shortly see they connect the feeling in the room with the shower curtain and knobs.  The one to the left is actually much larger in person and is hanging above my toilet.  It's actually a site to see!  When the light is on, it makes a star pattern on the ceiling!!  And then the pendent to the right, i have 2 of these above my vanity.  In addition, the lights are all on dimmers, to set the move for that perfect bath!  The shower also features a light, but it's just a traditional inset pot light.  OH and you know when you go to a hotel, and they have the beauty mirror wired through the wall and hanging?  Oh yes in deed, it was a MUST for me!!!  So i have my 8X magnification mirror set up for some major eyebrow tweezing :o)

Here to the above left are my lotus flower door knobs!  I got them at Knobs4less, great place to look, they have everything under the sun, and the pricing is NOT too bad!!!  I originally found my shower curtain at anthropologie, it's called the "Snow Field", but hosts a $98 price tag.  Now being the bargain shopper i am, and being i could not justify paying almost 3 digits for a shower curtain, i took my search to target, and what do you know, i found almost the exact same one for just under $30!

For my towels, i got gravel and white towels by Calvin Klein.  Now before you think, WOW this girl is insane for spending a fortune on towels, i scored these towels at 2 different Marshall's locations!  I got myself a 'set' of 10 each.  Set meaning bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, and tub mat.  I forget the total i paid, but i got a major deal on them all.  Not too shabby :o)

Here is my countertop on my vanity called "Carrera Marble".  It's white with veins of gray in it.  It looks amazing in my space, elegant yet modern!  The pain on the walls is called "Sterling".  I found this amazing color at my local Home Depot paint department in the Behr paints.  And all my shelving in my shower is by a company called Ginger and the line is called "Surface". 

So there you have it!  My little piece of heaven!  I have all sorts of lotus flower stuff (vases, wall decor, hooks) to place around my bathroom.  And VERY lastly here are my curtains that will be in my bathroom.  I found them at Urban Outfitters.  I have 2 large frosted windows, where these curtains will drape.  I still need to order these, the $60 price tag per curtain is making me hunt for a cheaper version :o)


  1. LOVE those light fixtures, especially the larger one with the flowers on it. Can you share where you got it from? Many thanks!

  2. hi - i actually got them YEARS ago in Target when they had all their Moroccan themed stuff come in .. i saw similar one's online tho - just google "lotus lights" .. unfortunatly you won't get the killer price tag i got ( they were under $100 ) .. or try eBay for them!!! ... everyone drools when they come over :o )


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