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So browsing my way through 2Modern Design Talk i found some homes that caught me eye .. thought i'd share! .. i get a little tickled pink looking at these - they are beyond yummy and fun!
1st it has my egg/bubble chair, so i LOVE it already, the mirrored box table is allll me, and the chandelier and black leather wing chair .. love love love .. and look at the crown molding, to die for people! .. and the white washed aged wood floors are killing me!
r u kidding me? - no seriously? - is this not THE coolest office you have ever laid your eye's on? .. all i can see is this is inspiration! .. they totally have me with this one! .. i totally got it!
Here above is the eco friendly fireplace over the couch - and i kick myself in the butt everyday b/c i walked away from getting myself one on a MAJOR discount when Fortunoff was going out of business - and i mean a major deal, and i think about it everyday how i don't have one .. i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the look and feel! .. man i suck for not getting it! ! !
going up or going down? - can u imagine your staircase in your house is a hole in the ground with a ladder? - f*ck*ng awesome! (sorry it's just that cooL!)
hellllllo Lego maniac - an entire island out of Lego's?! - now that's art my friends!
Take a good look at the staircase .. do you see it? do ya? - the staircase has an umbrella holder as an arm!!! - and do you see the hole that is gleaming with light at the top right hand corner? yes my friends, that is the hole from the picture above with the ladder .. neat i know!


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