Basics of my Living Room

So .. i don't have my living room seating purchased just yet .. i have everything i want in mind tho, no surprise there .. but here's the basics of the room ..

The paint in this room is by Sherwin Williams and it's their Cashmere paint.  The 3 walls in the room are in a gray color called Storm Cloud, #6249 and the 1 small wall that will house my LED tv is in a deep purple color called Quixotic, #6265.  You can see both colors above . . (u like how i added my wishful thinking with my tv huh?! hahaha)
The center the room i had a modern fan installed .. and let me tell you finding a modern fan is no easy task, while trying to keep a budget in mind!  I got my fan from Modern Fan Company and it's the Altus Hugger with 52 inch blades .. i was worried it would take away from the charm of the room, but this fan fits right into the design of my home ..

In addition i had a doorbell unit from Modern Doorbells put in called the Cage and the outside unit is from Sp0re called the De-LightI couldn't put my little touch on everything and forget about the doorbells! .. this one fit right into my home .. modern, clean lines, and fabulous!
Here we have my door lever for my doors .. only difference is that back piece which is shown round here, mine are square, since i have squares in my doors .. my house is more clean straight lines then circles .. this is by Emtek called the Stuttgar Door Lever .. i found it at a pretty decent price @ the website i linked it to - and just another fyi it's not so easy to find 'modern' door levers that are not affordable unless ready to sell a kidney! .. and Home Depot and Lowes sell nothing i would even consider buying! .. one thing i have is a very particular taste of decor i tend to fall toward .. even though it’s eclectic, i have a total vision in my head of everything . . .

So i have yet to purchase one - but i'm dying to get longhorns to hang above my sectional! .. i don't know what it is, but i have always craved to own longhorns and well now is better then ever before to get em'! - so i am! .. and i seen pics where people have bedazzled the head with silver crystals .. so hummmmm looks like a crafty opportunity for me there!

I know i posted this before - but we can't forget my bubble chair - if i gotta sell a kidney and maybe part of my liver too - i'm going for it! - i know exactly where it's going to go - and i HAVE to have it - so when i say my home is eclectic, umm well yea i truly mean it - but it works - i really gotta say (*pat on my own back*) i have a really good eye for this type of stuff!
And here we have my huge girafee decall that will be placed going up the stairs to my second floor! - don't u just love it?! - and i found it on eBay for $35! .. whoop whoop! .. oh yea and my hallway walls are bright fuchsia .. dramatic i know, but i LOVE IT!

so there you have the basics .. coffee tables and pictures and all my little doo-dads are still swirling in my mind .. can't wait to post the final picture one day soon of it all complete!


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