Take a Seat Children

so lookey here - if these aren't the cutest, coolest, most awesome seats for kids, well then i'm just clueless .. b/c all i can say is I WANT ONE TOO! ..

At the top of the picture, first one on the left is by Magis called the Metoo Kids Julian Set of 2, i'm beyond overjoyed looking at this!  Next by Offi is the Coosh Lounge and Ottoman.  Lastly on the top row is Metoo Kids Piedras Bench by Magis.  On the bottom row, starting to the left is the Metoo Kids Trioli by Magis, this little number reminds me of a huge tea cup! In the center is Metoo Kids Piedras Chair by Magis.  And last but not lease, and the most adorable is the Metoo Kids Dodo by Magis as well. 

All items can be purchased at 2modern and i warn you they aren't the most budget concious!  But they are eco-friendly and your children, friends, family, or whomever will surley enjoy them!!!


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