Check out this suspended cradle by Stig Leander Nielsen, the Danish founder of Leander.  The suspended cradle is a small cocoon with sleek design that can float and sway safely, according to the movements of the baby. Created in collaboration with a team of midwives, the suspended cradle is a soft transition for newborns, especially suitable for premature babies. The baby can swing the cradle by himself, enabling him to become aware of his body and to stimulate his sense of equilibrium. It is suitable for babies from birth to about five months.  Cost $575.68
Look at this adorable cocoon sleeping bag! .. i'm no where near having babies, but i already know all the things i want! .. Margot Barolo, talented Swedish designer, designed this cozy sleeping bag and saying : "Simplicity in a warm cosy world."  Adorable sleeping bag in high quality real goose down. A little cosy cocoon to wrap baby in, in their cot, pram or at home as soon as you return from the clinic. Suitable from birth to approximately 4 months.  Cost $204.40
Here we have the Suiko Rocking cot! .. i'm loving this whole idea!   A rocking or rolling, Suiko is a bed for children from birth to about 4 years. With its removable wheels, it can be at your convenience a rocking bed to rock baby or a rolling bed, which can be easily moved throughout the house.  The imitation leather side pannels are removable, so that you can bring the crib closer to the parents' bed, and stay close to your baby at night. The baby then learns to climb on his bed on his own. The slated bed base's height is adjustable, allowing a high and a low position.  Cost $1266.49


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