Flaming Lips Crib

The Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, recently renovated his Oklahoma compound - i'm completly in awe and loven' it!
Check out the Gyrofocus fireplace in the middle of the room! .. the sparkly tubular entrance is beyond words for me!

Here's a closer look at the fireplace - check out the seating with wood storage - i'm totallllly loven' the glass ceiling and floor - makes the room feel very surreal!

we all know how much i LOVE a white, crisp, bathroom! - it's, well, why my bathroom is white and crisp! .. i'm loven' how the whole house as this tubular feel to it - from the lights, to hallway, to sink, to sink fixtures, to outcoves .. love it all!

here's the entrance to the bathroom - makes me wonder if you would feel like your in another world here? - i'm totally feeling the Smuf's here .. anyone else? ..


  1. I've seen pics of their bathroom before and it blows me away! seriously beautiful.


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