St. Barth's Anyone?!

it's seems as though spring has arrived - it's been 70 the last few day's and the weekend is looking bright! .. so what comes to mind when the nice weather is here?! Calypso St. Barth for me! .. i love there collection of clothes .. free flowing and easy designs .. here's a few of my 'must have items' ...
To the left is an Island Poncho dress by Glamour Puss .. i'm obsessed over this number and i HAVE to have it!!! .. also this tunic/dress called the Angelu Shirt by Calypso is makeing my eyes smile when i see it! -- i see this with cut off jean shorts and sandels! .. need need need it! .. or how about a pair of clogs by Swedish Hasbeens? .. there ALL the rage this season!

These 2 outfits are mix of different things that i love! - Clogs, cowboy boots, layers, loose shorts, and neutral colors! - what's not to love? .. and the accessories are a dead on hit! .. On the right she has on Metallic Shorts and to the left she has on Linen Shorts both by Forte Forte.  I think these 2 looks are going to be easy to recreate without spending a ton of $$$ .. work your closet ladies! (check out her blog, it's great!!!)

Here 2 more looks that i think you can work your closet to recreate! - simple white t-shirt and linen pants (Stroller trouser) and a botton down gauze inspire tunic like this one by Forte Forte  matched with a belt and boots .. easy peasy :o)

The dress reminds me of Winter Kate by Nicole Richie, but this one is by Calypso called the Lourdes Dress and as you can see it's paired with the clogs from above, total hit for me!!! .. and next are the Elaine Pant from Calypso, i'm loven' the harem style mixed with gauze beach pants! 

Here we have a Braided Belt that i think will tie (no pun intended) any outfit together .. nautical and simple, i think will just give any outfit the right touch! .. and here's the clogs i'm dying to get by Swedish Hasbeens called the Strappy Sky Clog .. they just look like there going to be so comfy and my go-to shoe this summer!

Lemme know what you think?! - Any hits for you this Spring/Summer?!?!


  1. great post :) thanks for the shout out!!


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