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I found this designer from peaking at Style-For-Style's blog .. and Style-For-Style discovered it from Dog N' Bird .. and well now it's my turn to pay it forward to Sarah Seven and her blog as well!! .. She is currently 6 weeks out in orders, it seems as though all her creations are hand made by her own hands! .. i'm in complete awe over her designs, these dresses are beyond words!!! - she is an artist on top of her game, and i can't wait to make a purchase from her! .. she does a lot of 'bridal' dresses (not all), but i can see a lot of these worn 'down' if you will and rocking them out .. not just for the bride! .. she totally stole my heart with these dresses! .. Here's a few to feast your eye's on!
To the left is "A Peaceful Afternoon", for me this dress can go for any occasion, i'm wearing this to a nice dinner, a wedding, in a wedding, out on the town .. i'm just head over heels for this number, i SO need to order this dress ASAP! .. and to the right here is "Athena" .. loven' the sweetheart bodice and the maxi length, soft and simple .. and add a hairpiece to this - and whala you've got a complete look!

Here we have "Lemon Drop", and if you know me, i'm more of a gray/black/white/navy blue type of girl, but i LOVE yellow, and my bestie looks unbelievable in yellow! .. i swear i am always telling her to buy everything she can in yellow - and well THIS would be my pick of a dress for her! ... i love it with the little blue belt around the waist - it's just so famine and simple but eccentric!  Then we have "Powdered Sugar", this dress has silver beading around the waist and is a white sparkling organza - this dress has me at "powdered sugar" .. i'm thinking New Years for me with this one! - i'm telling ya, the Sarah Seven shop has totally won my heart and wallet! - i will work for her dresses!!!!

Here we have "Raspberry Perfection", i am a HUGE fan of this color - i think it goes so well with sun-kissed skin as well as milky white and African skin tones look unbelievable in this color (my opinion) .. with the little silk flower in the middle, it's a done deal! .. want want want it .. my heart has literally been stolen by this designer - she's a gem and just one day, one day soon i hope, i will own atleast one of her beauties!!!!

Lastly i had to add my Etsy find .. Whisper - dainty hydrangea and feather bobbies set of four .. can you imagine these dresses above with this sweety detail in your pulled back hair .. i need an event to go to BAD, so i can "authorize" myself to get one of these looks! - my heart is in total flutter mode here!!! .. make sure to check out her other items on GardensOfWhimsy's Etsy site .. cutest things ever!


  1. ahhh thanks so much for the shout out.
    P.s. did you look through Dog N Bird? amazing blog.

    you are right sarah seven dress + bandoo = love (and $$$)

  2. yes i have DogNBird now on my google reader! :o) .. thanks for the heads up about the blogs!


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