For the Love of Target

YAY to April! - spring has sprung and summer is on it's way - and hail to one of my loves, TARGET, for bringing top designers for the average buyer! .. i love to splurge here and there on fashion labels - and mix high-end with lower-end pieces ... and this whole things with Target bringing in designers i love, but the price tags that i can actually afford, i'm down like O-P-P, yeaaaa u know me!

April 18th Target will be launching Eugenia Kim's hat line! .. i LOVE her hats, but i'm 'not' a hat person, well i will wear one here and there, but very rarely, so to spend three digitis on a hat is a bit excessive for me (and most people) .. but now that she's hitting Target - i'm game for these 2 beauties!
And also on April 18th - guess who?! - Cynthia Vincent!!!! .. she'll be launching a show line! - it's inspired by the African landscapes - and i'm sold on a few pairs already!! - and the prices?! - LOVE IT! .. i wanted a few pairs on 'regular' sites .. but now that she'll be in Target, and i want to save some $$ for vacation - i'm ALLLL about the Target collection!!!
And then on April 25th ladies - Zac Posen will arrive! - as you can probably assume - i have all these events marked on my calendar and i CAN NOT wait!!! Here's a few pieces i have my eye on with this event!
The 2nd dress with the dots, is heavenly - i HAVE to have this dress!!!!
LEMME know if you end up going to Target and what you think!! -- i already stocked up on Liberty of London and Jean Paul Gaultier .. i unfortuntaly missed out on Rodarte .. and i hear Tucker is coming to Target as well, mid-summer! .. i'm SOOOOOO beyond stoked for that one - i LOVE LOVE LOVE tucker!
Above is a preview of Tucker - SOOOOOOOO excited!!!


  1. I'll go with ya! Maybe I'll get more unto fashion. Yoy know me, plain Jane. Lol


  2. lol well since i'm ur hair stylist and fashion consultant - i think i can work some wonders my love - :o)

  3. i love the flats - fingers crossed i can get my hands on a pair!


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