Sex and the City 2

**ekkkkkk** it's almost here gals! - either May 27th (my birthday) or the 28th or May 31st **ekkkk** (i see conflicinting dates/trailors out) - me and my girls went to see the last one together, opening day, and needless to say this year will be NO different - not 1 guy in the whole theatre ((ok actually 1, some chick actually brought her boyfriend!! *gasp* how dare she, right?!)) - a bunch of women DYING over the story lines and fashion! - what is NOT to love?!

"Like Jasmine and Aladdin .. but with cocktails"

I'm DYING over the Halston dress in the move, especially the one shoulder, the sun dress, the maxi, and the easy breasy day dress!!! and all the scarf head wraps! - summer style 101 in this movie!

And get this my lovely ladies - during the 1st Sex and the City movie my boyfriend was @ the set! - YES I KNOW, right?! - i HAVE THE ROSES from when Carrie was hitting Big with them when he shows up late to the wedding! - YES I HAVE THEM! - ****ekkkk**** it's my little slice of heaven right there! .. i REALLY need to work in NYC so i can meet and greet all these celebs - Joe meets them ALL and has actual conversations with these people! ((lucky sucker))


  1. Omg! You know it's a date. Can not wait! :) We should do what we did last time, dinner & movie all dressed up. Fun fun! Gotta get a bunch of girls togther too! Good times.


  2. I cannot wait to see the movie that in Italy is going to be release on the 4th of June.
    Actually, this is the first time I see the extended trailer. I have been already impressed by the dresses who wonderful are them?????????


  3. Hi Erika.. you lucky girl! I'm looking forward to seeing it too! Great blog - I'm a new follower! xo

  4. hi Sarah! - i'm SO glad u stopped by and happy to see u follow!

  5. ps .. just saw another poster - and it's opening MAY 27th .. MY BRITHDAY! - woooohooooo!


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