I've Found a Replacement!

I normally never do this - but i had to double post today . . .

so have you felt like a little piece of yourself has gone missing since Domino Magazine seisted ?!?! .. well i think i may have found a soultion my design dolls !  .. LONNY Magazine! .. i have breathed a sense of relief since i found this gem .. and i think you will have the same feeling! .. the decor is stunning, innovative, eye candy, tasteful, and affordable (**wha what**)! .. and guess what hot stuff?! - IT'S FREE!!!! ..

**!! it's like a high five to the universe !!**

"At Lonny, we value independent thinking and believe not in following trends but rather in making choices that lead to happiness. We believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces."
(( Click to enlarge picture ))

I'm dying for the "fur poufs" (upper right corner) and the "X desk" (lower right corner) .. these are MUST have's for my house, no joke !!! .. the desk is just going to go PERFECT in my office!!! .. and look at he bottom left corner, the gally kitchen with the fork at the end, how great is that idea?! .. gally kitchens can be quite boring, but not this one!!! .. and you know how much i LOOOVVVEEEE animal rugs, the zebra one is to die for, it's PERCFECT for under my dining-room table, just purrrrrrfect !!!

Lemme know if Lonny filled your Domino gap ?!?! .. and SUBSCRIBE it's FREE!!!!


  1. You are psychic! I miss this magazine so freaking much. There are only a few things I live for and one of them is definitely magazines and definitely home decor. Woot!


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