Weekend Project

How much do i ADORE this dresser - it's call the Ordinal Dresser - i'm thinking instead of paying the pricey price tag, this is a "weekend project" - all you need is stencials and black paint! - and if you don't have a dresser to do this with, go out on trash day in your neighborhood and get one, for free!!!
i saw this on Peacock Feathers blog (it's a MUST read on the daily, check it!!), and well i HAD to find out everything about it! - well it's called the Shadowy Chair and well it cost almost 3K .. **ekk** .. i thought this was a MUST have for me, but well it'll stay a dream ..

Here we have 2 duvet sets by Dwell Studio - the one to the right is called Chinoiserie, and was the one i was going to get for my bedroom, but then the Peacock Dove (comes in 2 different colors) just came out, and now well, i have a decision to make .. any suggestions?!?!


  1. oh, i don't know how you decide on dwell studio bedding. i want it all! love the dresser idea with the painted numbers. very fun.


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