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So i've been eye'ing this line for a few months now - and well - i HAVE to have a few peices for this summer! - decisions, decisions! .. well i'm also waiting for some coupon codes to use, as well! - i'm SO not a "pay retail" kinda' gal .. i'm all about sample sales, coupon codes, sales, discount stores, or eBay ! ! ! .. sure if i had a million bucks, then it wouldn't be an issue paying retail (even tho, i still think i'd go for the sale, it's the "hunt" i think that i get the thrill from) .. ANYONE feel me on the sale stuff?!?!

So here's Alexis, and a few + things i'm coveting!
Here is the Lani Poncho and the Milla Strapless Dress - for me they are a must! - i can see wearing these all summer down the shore! - quick easy outfit on the go and look pulled together in no time! (these 2 are my faves!)

The Bibi Splatter Pants and the Blondie Bikini are adorable no? - The pants remind me of Saint Grace or Ella Moss, right?! .. and i LOVE the bikini, with the scallop edges, doesn't reveal too much, but just enough ..

How about this Bianca Romper or a dinner date? and this Marlo Tank W/ Flower with a simple ruffled skirt for a night with the girls?! - i'm ALL in on the white look! - i LOVE wearing all white or all black and then just adding a pop of color with either my shoes, earrings, belt, or hair piece ..

Then channeling Jen's Pirate Booty we have the Oceane Tunic, great coverup for after being on the boat or at the beach, huh?! - and then for a nice night out on the town, or even going to a wedding or some sort of shower, how bout this Rose Dress? .. i always think a lil black dress does the trick! - i like finding one's like these, that have a little bit extra charm to them (flower detail on trap) ..

The Sam Dress screams ERIKA .. very Lauren Moshi, no? .. it's just that easy dress you throw on in the morning and run out the door .. i like dresses like that, where no effort is required when putting it on! .. and then we have the Bella Dress, i actually have a dress similiar to this by AKA New York, same color and idea .. i just love a bright color on tan skin in the summer..
((( All items are avialiable on Singer22 )))

SO did any of these items by Alexis stop you in your tracks, like they did with me??


  1. Hi! Incredibly lovely blog! I found you from Work Your Closet's blog!
    I just wanted to let you know about my very first giveaway over at my blog! Be sure to check it out and I'd love for you to enter!

  2. I love the ruffle skirt! (Any photos of your squirrel on here??) ; )

  3. The two first pieces are breath taking!

  4. I LOVE them all !!
    I want every piece you featured :))
    Ohh I adore Lauren Moshi too and I have them available on my other blog ;)

    following with Love ...


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