Bedroom Feel

Here's some bedroom designs i found .. anything pop out at YOU?!
Bold bedroom design - details are just with the decor - i kinda' like it, not really a fan of post beds, but this is catchy!

Here we have a cozy bedroom - i love the nuetrals of the room - and the headboard is stunning!

Let's call this a glamorous bedroom - the red velvet headboard and skirt adds just enough punch of color

It's all moroccan here ladies and gents! - i can see this being a lil girls room, no? - i mean i'd sooo take this as my own, but a tweens room, loves it! .. just needs a fur moroccan pouf :o)~

how about a calm bedroom? - the whitewash wooden walls are so grand! - and take a look at the headboard! - i can't imagine anything but being calm in this room!


  1. These are all AMAZING! I long to have the perfect bedroom space, the colours in that first one are so pop! I want them all :)


  2. Lovely images.... love love the second to last. Thanks for visting my blog!!! xx


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