Cleaned Up Jersey Shore

So as you know, i'm a 'Jersey Girl' .. but don't let the MTV show "Jersey Shore" fool you !! - 1st the cast is NOT from Jersey and well they go to Seaside .. and people from Jersey do NOT go to Seaside for the shore or the boardwalk .. it's literally a hit for the Prom and well that's about it .. other than that .. us Jersey gals don't step foot in that place (just a little FYI for ya) ...

Soooooo Haper's Bizaar did a "Charm School" for the girls on the Jersey Shore .. and well WOW - they clean up well! .. ps gotta admit, i watched the Jersey Shore .. it was just a trainwreck that i couldn't take my eye's off of! .. anyone else a victim too?!

Here we have all 3 ladies .. looking pretty good, gotta say :o)

((From left, on JWoww: Dress, $6,820, Marchesa. Bergdorf Goodman; 212-753-7300. On Snooki: Dress, $7,500, Chado Ralph Rucci. Saks Fifth Avenue; 800-330-8497. Belt, $295, Michael Kors. 866-709-KORS. Sandals, $119, Calvin Klein. Lord & Taylor; 800-223-7440. On Sammi: Dress, $2,850, J. Mendel. 800-J-MENDEL.))

Look at Snookie - she's all grown-up .. 

((Dress, $4,900, Pamela Dennis. Bergdorf Goodman))

Sammi looks like a model here, no? .. Exquisite!

((Dress, $4,250, Marchesa. Bergdorf Goodman.))

And then look @ JWoww - *gasp* never thought she'd clean up this good .. good for her! - and i'm LOVEN' the dress!!!

((Dress, $8,500, Pamela Dennis. Bergdorf Goodman; 212-753-7300. Earrings, $100, Janis by Janis Savitt. Bergdorf Goodman.))

Anyone else subject themselves to the Jersey Shore drama?! - or how about the Real Housewives?! - i'm an addict, i tell ya .. these reality shows got me hooked! .. i can't wait till the Real Housewives of NJ starts! .. the NY gals are starting to really irritate me .. OPINIONS????


  1. I am so a victim. I cant take my eyes of this show- it is hilarious! these photos are amazing though what a turn around.


    Having a giveaway on my page come on over.

  2. Would love if you could out a hout of my giveawy on your page, will throw your name in the hat 3x as well, yayy. You got to help me out though I have no idea how to make a button to use!?

    Ps-Jury Duty- I have always wanted to do that, just for a court outift, hope it is fun!


  3. Ps put your lovely blog on my blog roll would love it if you could put me on your great list :) thanks for being so sweet


  4. Love your new head line picture! Gorgeous dresses:)

  5. I am a victim to Jersey Shore ... i know, its pathetic. Yeah, we're from Jersey and proud! These girls are stunning ... love that Snookie lost the poof!

  6. Hello doll! Your blog is great! I love this post you did.. I too am a Jersey Girl (although I moved out of state a couple years ago).. and I felt the same way about the show! lol.. and watched anyway!

    Fabulous blog.. I'll be checking back soon!

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