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Sorry for lil delay - BUSY weekend and week so far ..
1.  I contacted a publisher and they are taking on my project - i have an "agent" that will be guiding me through the project - HOW exciting is THAT! - look for a book within a year!!!
2.  one of my neighbors down the shore works in aerospace, he is going to set up for me to get my pilots license! (offered me a job to be a buyer, but would have to move to Atlanta, $$$ isn't that good, but it's food for thought)
3.  Got stung by 3 bees/wasps ON my boob on Sunday - never been stung before, so that was eventful, to say the least! 
4.  the overwhelming response about my bucket list item, to see a movie by myself, has motivated me to new heights to accomplish this ASAP - i so feel like i'm missing out!!!
5.  also studying for certifications (for work) right now and just lots of "to-do's" at work .. AND to think summer is suppose to be slow, no?!


my loveies at ... It's Simple Love ... and Inspired Design tagged me in "Favorite Things" .. ( btw if you aren't following these ladies, your missing out, check em' out!!! ) 

SO here i go - with my "Favorite Things" - i already posted about Things That Make Me Happy - so here's a quick look at my favorites in life:


My Google Reader
i love coming into work, sitting down at my desk with my coffee - and reading all about what my fellow bloggers have to say - it's been refreshing to see others with the same points of view as well as completely different ones!

The Unexpected
i LOVE a pleasant surprise! - whether it's a phone call, seeing an old friend, a great meal, a day with my Niece, a package in the mail, a gift certificate, a thank you, a smile, a present, ect. - i just love when you expect nothing and receive the world!

Bubble Baths
i'm a HUGE bath person - during the fall and winter months (or cooler weather, really) - i take a bubble/oil bath every night - i enjoy a book, magazine, or just solitude while i'm in there .. complete bliss!

A Major Deal
there is nothing better for me, then to find an amazing deal! - i love going to discount stores, outlet malls, sample sales, or flea markets! - to find the perfect item at a fraction of the cost puts me on cloud 9!!! .. and i usually share to everyone i know, so they could get in on it too! - what's the sense of getting a deal if you can't share it, right?!

nothing beats comfy things - feather bed, down comforter, fuzzy socks, warm towel out of the dryer, baggy sweatpants, fluffy pillows, smell of lavender, dim lighting, hiding in a fort,  ect! - i'm ALL about comfort!

i very rarely pamper myself - i'm usually too cheap to do this on the regular - but when i go for it, i GO FOR IT .. every so often i think i'm deserving of the spa treatment, and i full heatedly love it!

i loooovvvveeeee cupcakes - they are sunshine made of food! - and i LOVE making cupcakes with my Niece, of course! - my fave, strawberry one's! YUM! (i've had strawberry cupcakes at every birthday of mine since i was probably 2!, haha)

Losing Weight
i don't think anyone can disagree - one of my favorite things is shedding pounds! - this has been a stranger to me as of lately - but i still consider it one of my all time favorite things!!!

i LOVE bags! - i yearn for a new bag every season! - i will go without food to buy a new bag, if need be! - it's def. one of my FAVE things to get a new bag or even covet a bag!

i am loved by many - and i love many - the uncanny feeling is undeniable - and i love each itty bitty bit of it all!

NOW i'll be passing the torch to:

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*phew* NOW lovies - TELL ME some of your FAVORITES in LIFE!

sorry for my lack of support with comments on ur blogs - i'm SUPER busy with work and i'm watching my Niece today .. but i hope to get RIGHT on track again ASAP, even if i gotta do it at home *just the thought alone kills me* teehee (as u know i work on a computer all day, so i loathe going on one at home) .. and my google reader for some reason on my phone doesn't let me scroll (apple needs to fix that!) .. **kiss kiss**


  1. Yuppiieee to your book project!!!! That is a great news!I already said that I will be the first one to buy your book:) I am sooooo happy for you darling!!!
    I am sorry about the bee thing ..ouch!!
    I love this post and cupcakes are the best...yummy:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your day with your niece:)
    Happy Tuesday for sure:)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely do this soon. Congratulations on the publishing deal - this is one of my dreams as well - I am SO happy for you!!! Well done!

  3. Oh bubble baths <3 and congrats on your book! keep us updated! :)


  4. the book news is incredible! well done you I am so happy for you :)


  5. Congrats on your book moving forward - that is so exciting!

    I share your love of handbags and cupcakes!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. congrats on the book! but not the bee stings :(

  7. Congratulations on your project! I can't wait to read it. =) How thrilling.

  8. #1 Congratulations! Let me know where I'll be able to buy your book : )That's so exciting!

    #3 Eek, stung on boob. If it makes you feel any better my 3 year old cousin bit my boob years ago. I believe it stunted my growth. Ha!


  9. Oh WOW! So much excitement going on - HUGE congrats!!!! Love your list! :) I must say, I can definitely agree with a few of your listed items! Better get on my list ;)

    You're awesome!!!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  10. I agree with you on all of these!

    Sounds like you ARE crazy busy lady! Slooow down ;-) Kidding! All good things, I'm sure... except for those stings! Ouch!

    Good luck with the bucket list ;-)
    Love hearing about your goals and adventures!!

  11. Yayayaya!! Congrats!! :) That's so exciting. Can't wait until we get to see your first book :)

  12. Wow lots happening for you! :)
    Yay for a book deal!
    Yikes about the boob stingings...ouch!

    I agree with many of these! I just scored a fantastic deal at J.Crew last night- $150 jeans for $14!!!!! go me!

  13. What an exciting week for you! (minus the bee stings ~ that hurts)! Love reading about your favorite things. I am all about comfort too ~ with you on the bubble baths! xo

  14. Cool Erika, see your bucket list is shaping up, imagine that!!! Awesome post and cupcakes and shedding LBS are my favorites, except I eat way too many cupcakes and so the LBS part doesn't quite get there....maybe its an oxymoron putting those two together....Congrats on everything...


  15. Congratulations on the book deal!!!!!!! That is so fantastically fantastic!

  16. Sounds like you have a great plan!!! congrads on the book!!! wahooo! Those cupcakes look yummy! Good luck and have a great tuesday!

  17. Congrats on The Project!
    Sorry about the boob sting.
    Thanks for the scale pic, sending it to a friend who needs it.


  18. WOW! you are killin' that list!
    congrats on all your exciting news!!! <3

  19. Hello dear, ooh we must be blog buddies...handbags, deals, and some good reading! Btw, I am totally lusting after my first Chanel bag but promised myself it wouldn't happen until I get a new job.

    p.s. Yes I live in Asia now! My husband got a great job here and I'm looking for one now. Our location definitely makes going to Bali and Australia a lot easier! If you're ever in SE Asia, lmk and we can hang out by my pool. :) (most condos have pools here)

  20. OMG, congratulations on your book project Erika!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Wow, you have had a busy week already. I can't wait to hear more about your book, pilots license, job offers, etc. Sorry to hear about the bee stings. Thanks for tagging me!


    What is the book about???
    You are super cool. Pilot lessons. I am mighty impressed girl. You are COOOL!

    By the way living close to Manhattan, so I see everything I can have time for.
    Have a wonderful day:)

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  24. AH congrats on the book girl <3 so exciting !

    Thanks for your lovely comment; always love hearing from you !

    O and I LOVE bubble baths too hehe

    talk soon, C xxx

  25. Awesome about the BOOK!

    Shedding lb's is the BEST, and love isn't so bad either ;)


  26. Ouch! On the boob! Out of all places! Congrats on the book deal! Very cool!
    You should definitely do the go to a movie by yourself thing! I just did it on Sunday! Fantastic!
    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  27. Congrats! Lots of exciting things happening for you! I looved your list, esp the photo of the handbags! I am the same as I am obsessed with designer bags!

  28. Oh my gosh, you're my favorite! I'm so excited, thanks for listing me, I will do this as soon as possible! As for the book deal...WOW! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read it!


  29. hey thanks erika !! the glasses are marc jacobs.

  30. aaahh!!! i love all these things!!! sales, receiving a surprise and pampering of course are on my list too!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  31. Gorgeous post, darling!

    So exciting about your book!


  32. Oh yay!!! Congrats sweetie! That's just fantastic news!!! Sorry about the bee stings though. And on your boob??? Can't get much worse than that, huh???

    Love your list too. Hope things calm down soon for you. Have fun with your niece! xoxo

  33. I am SO with you on blog reading coupled with java. Hey gorgeous, did you send me a button and I spaced? Can't find it. : )

  34. Great List and Congrats on the book deal!!!!
    Ouch on the bee stings..well I have never been stung either so I can't relate on the pain.
    P.S. Atlanta is a fun place :)

  35. A new book?! wow,that sounds so exciting! :D and omg,being stung 3 times- on the boob! that would be like my worst nightmare lol,and me too,i've never been stung before.But now that your an expert in that department,how much does it hurt? im quite intruiged lol,though id never go and try it myself,scaaarrryyyy ! lol :).Ox

    StopAndStareStyle - suggestions needed for new blog renovation plan :) all help would be much appreciated,thanks :).Ox

    congrats on your project!! that is fabulous news!!!

    i can't wait til i get back home from my vaca and can catch up on your blog life :)


  37. haha i love losing weight too, why is it so fun? i wish my scale told me im beautiful!!

  38. Wow Erika what amazing things going on in your life right now! (Minus the bee sting of course!) Can't wait to hear more about your book!


  39. Yeah for progress on the book!! I cant wait to hear all about your journey!!

  40. What a great list of favorites! I can relate to a lot of them :)

    Congrats on book project! How exciting!!!!

  41. oh sweets.stung by the bee in the most xxx place would have been painful, to say the least...seems you are really on a roller coaster ride..what is the book about..and of all the things that u mentioned i love sales (specially on designer bags) & losing weight..Keep rocking:)



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