My Bucket List...

i have a pretty extensive "to-do" life list .. it keeps me busy - b/c there's always something to do and check off .. here's a few big ones and small ones on that list of mine:

** own a custom bike **
i don't know what it is - but i just always wanted a custom Harley - i just see myself riding it in the summer - turning heads - feelin' the metal between my legs - something magical about it all

** have a book published **
i have been writing for some time now.. yearS upon yearS! - i have a 'few' books in the work and would LOVE for someday, when i get them 'complete' to have them our there for the world to take in and explore!

** go on an African safari **
i adore wildlife - i mean ADORE it - it kills me to see tree's torn down for construction - i would like to go out in the wild and be free with the animals - free of all construction and restrictions - i feel it would help me become a better person inside and out (i'm a work in progress for the rest of my life)

** watch a movie @ the theatre by myself **
i've never done it - and just feel it's something i need to do - to complete the person i am - i need to do the things i never thought i'd do - i've gone to eat by myself, now i need to watch a movie by myself - it's very freeing - HAVE YOU ever done either??

** get scuba certified **
i was suppose to get this done when i lived in Florida - but nerves of doing it by myself got the best of me - i give myself the next 2 years to get this checked off! - i told myself, no islands until i'm certified so i can FULLY enjoy what the islands have to offer!

** own my own business **
i come from a family that succeeds - and i feel i won't achieve success until i own my own business! - i change my mind almost regularly what i want to do for the rest of my life - and have gone to college for everything under the sun! - i don't know what my "business" will be - all i know is what i decide on, will not be "work" but FUN! - i run through business plans in my head on the regular!

** live on a boat and travel to exotic locations **
if you read here often, you know i'm a lil obsessed over the water! - i want with all my heart to live on a boat and travel! - i can not imagine a better existence while i do so - it just seems like the ultimate bliss!

** run a marathon **
i've definitely slacked on my fitness over the last 2 years - but once i get myself back in motion - i need to run a marathon, doesn't have to be a full one, just some sort of one, to know i've done it!

** join the peace corp **
i looked into this soooo many times i can not even count anymore - i want to join SO badly - i've always found some "excuse" (house, school, job) that i couldn't - thankfully i have many years ahead of me to do so! - since i have my degree in teaching (special and regular elementary) i think they'd accept me for teaching

** plant a weeping willow tree **
i'm ga-ga for willow tree's! - whenever i see one my heart completely melts! - i wish i had the perfect spot for one at my house - but i just don't think i do .. but one day, i WILL plant one!

** learn to play the guitar and drums **
i've always wanted to learn both - and well for some odd reason i played the violin and a tiny bit of the piano .. i wanna be able to rock out to my own beat!

** to be 100% worry free for 1 year **
i tend to worry about things that are so out of my control - i'd love to have not 1 worry in the world, to live free of all harsh realities - i can not even imagine the connection i would develop with myself and the ones around me if this happens!

** climb a mountain **
and i mean a "real" mountain - i never even came close or trained or anything - but it's my bucket list - and this one is staying!

** obtain my pilots license **
when i was younger my friends Dad use to pick me and her up in his plane and fly us to CT to his house - i LOVED the experience - i would LOVE to obtain this and share with the one's around me - it's just a special experience that i will never forget, and want to obtain myself!


my Niece is coming down the shore this weekend YAYYYY
Happy Father's Day to the poppa's!


  1. I am with you on having a book published!

  2. you are so inspiring Lady! i love this, it so refreshing to be open and honest with your dreams. You have to go out and buy that tree, and I would love to read your books!

    I am going to have ot think of my own one now.

    Shoot for the moon baby!

    Much love,


  3. I can't think of much off the top of my head but my spontaneous answer would be to travel. I've done a lot already but to see all the wonders of the world, for example...

  4. Fantastic post my friend. I have no doubt that you will accomplish all of those things. I have to say that I think I have own a lake house or a beach house on my bucket list. I would love to have somewhere I coudl escape to. Have a great weekend.

  5. I love everything on your list! My dream vacation is an African safari! I really hope to go someday. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Love your ambition! I have a feeling with your energy your will be very successful. =)

  7. Publish a book? Get your pilots license? Be worry free? You go girl!! I'm loving this list!! I'm so into lists and should probably do a bucket list for myself. How many items do you have on it? How did you come up with your list? I'm so interested!!

  8. The first three are on my absolute go to list as well.
    Although my man probably will have to drive the Harley. A children book soooooon published.
    Safari honey moon....Ahhh
    Have a fab weekend:)

  9. Great post! What I want to do changes every day too and I haven't even started my new job yet! I'm thinking I'm going to be owning my own business one day too :)

    happy wknd!

  10. found you through Slumber Designs and I like your blog! Writing a book is on my list too! I have an idea just need to get off my butt!

  11. I have gone to a movie by myself and it really is fab!

  12. This is a nice list !

    I worked on mine during a week I think, and since, I accomplished many points (some were easy ...)

    I agree with "have a book published". I write too. I had a reader, it was so good ! Now I'm writing some newsletter for my job, I hope people read it !

    Agree with your own business, I got that point too ! But, even if I really really want it, I'm so scared doing it !



  13. That's a great bucket list! And yes, I have been to the movies by myself many times when I was living in a city where I didn't know a whole lot of people. I would go during the day. You'd be amazed at how many people go the movies by themselves!

  14. Great post!
    I am with you on the " having a book published" ;)

  15. AWESOME list! I got scuba certified 2 years ago and was proud of myself (a little afraid of water but am a good swimmer).

    To be worry free for a year would be pretty amazing as well. I'd love to read your book some day too!

    Ooh and you if you travel on a boat and I'm still in Asia, I can show you around SE Asia. :)

    p.s. Staten Island's Italian food sounds awesome! I'd love your recs next time! I have no idea which towns in NJ my friend was referring to but it was supposed to be good.

    Yes Brooklyn Flea is mostly great for the food (lobster rolls, People's pops, pickles) but I've never found great antiques there. It's still fun!

  16. What a great great list!!! I have many of these on my list to.... also I'd add become a photographer, buy an old loft and renovate it, learn Italian.... and many more! :)
    Happy weekend babe!

  17. This is a great post. You are on breave girl- a Harley? Wow!!
    I went on a safari in Tanzania a few yeras ago and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

  18. These are so great... go on a safari is def on mine. Also, sit front row at a concert, love unconditionally, be a mom, be a grandmom, etc. etc.! :)

    Happy Friday!!!

  19. Great post! I need to make a new list :) I loooveee being able to cross things off my list!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  20. Oh I LOVE your bucket list! It's amazing and so inspiring. I'm sure you'll get to do it all :)

    Have a fabulous weekend honey! xoxo

  21. Your bucket list is just amazing and the pictures are so appropriate,just stumbled upon your it~happy weekend Deepali

  22. You'd best get cracking then :P

  23. happy weekend! i looove the willow tree pic, looks like the perfect spot!

  24. What a great list! MANY of those are also on mine :) And I highly encourage you to go to a movie by yourself... it's fantastic! Make it one that'll make you laugh and CRY. It's almost like therapy, ha!

  25. Yes, this is a great bucket list and I'm sure you'll knock some of these down!! My list - weewww, I actually need to make one!


  26. Love your bucket list and sense of adventure! Have a fabulous weekend!! xo

  27. I love your bucket list! There are some things I want to do on there as well! :) Good luck & your blog is adorable!!

  28. Erika, wow!! that is some list, I admire your asperations. I guess I have very few things on my list. I have what I call a "wish list"(things I like to dream about but know they will probably never happen, and that is OK, I am pretty content at my age) Then I have a "someday list"( things that are attainable with time or money or both)
    I have to thank you for your sweet comments on my comment blog post today. I so agree with you. I think it is like if someone is speaking to you and you just look at them and walk away without a response, if I don't comment. I too can't comment on all post but I do try, especially when it is obvious they have spent so much time on the post!! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie and thanks for being a faithful bloggy friend,Kathysue

  29. oh i loved this list :) i've got so many thing i've got to do before i die haha
    its SO nice accomplishing one too, LOVE that feeling

    i hope you have an AMAZING weekend :)


  30. Great bucket list! I've done a handful of the things on here, but I love your idea of being 100% worry free for a whole year. THAT would be wonderful! I might have to add that to my own list.

    One of the things on my list is to design and build my own custom home from scratch. It doesn't need to be giant. It's more about creating the exact space I really need and that fits me perfectly. Until then, I get vicarious pleasure from helping others create their own perfect spaces. But someday ....

  31. Fabulous bucket list and accompanying pics! Love this post so!
    I too would like to write a book someday!


  32. what an amazing list you've got here! i love hearing about people's bucket lists because i have a list of fifty things to do before i die... not really fifty anymore because i keep crossing things off and adding more but you get the idea! publishing a book, taking an african safari, and running/walking a marathon are on my list as well as skydiving, ringing in the new year first in fiji, and giving anonymously to charity. have a wonderful weekend!

  33. I absolute adore your list! I can tell you that going to the movies alone is amazing! I do it all the time, you should try.

    I love your blog! :)

  34. i used to go to the movies by myself quite frequently. it's nice to be spontaneous and just pop into a show when the mood strikes. and you don't have to listen to any whining about what film you choose.

    i love willows too. so lovely! :)

    i think i need to give my own 'bucket list' some serious thought...

  35. I have a long list too....I adore your list...the safari, 100% worry free (oh how much I would love that too), and publish a book:)
    If you do I will read it for sure:) You can count on me:)
    Kisses sweetie and Happy Friday

  36. oh im not sure if i could go & watch a movie by myself however it would make things a lot easier xxx

  37. You have so many good things on your list here. A lot which are also on mine! I love that you included the weeping willow thing. I am too obsessed with them, and I want to someday own a house with one in the front yard :) Have ALWAYS wanted that! Have an awesome weekend.

  38. I love those pictures.
    I wish I was the photographer, they are amazing

  39. Your bucket list is absolutely amazing! Going to the cinema alone is great by the way you must try it...but I love everything on your list. It was so inspiring...thanks!

    Have a lovely weekend my dear friend.

    Cheers: Evi

  40. hat a great list...
    I love the 'being 100% worry free for a year' that's a wonderful thing to strive for :)
    I hope you do get a book published someday!


  41. I absolutely loved reading your list. I too have had a "life to-do list" since I was twenty. Going on a safari and getting Padi certified were at the way top...I've done both and I'm thrilled. Your sentiments about going on a safari were exactly how I felt when I went. I'll never forget flying into the bush in South Africa and crying when I saw open, vast land with a herd of elephants took my breath away. I said to my husband at the time, was a blessing to stand here on land that hasn't been ruined by humans with infrastructure and super-structure. Our room was built into the was beyond amazing. I'm a nut about animals and the land and no trip will ever surpass going on a safari for me. Actually, many of your items are the same as mine. I want to train for a marathon (I pray I get into next year's NYC marathon). I've done running races and triathlons, but never a full marathon. I have a lot of running races this summer to get me going in the right direction. I'm going to e-mail you about the pilot's license wish. Anyway, you and I are two peas in a pod...I think I've found a friend!

  42. Love your list! I really need to write mine. I have never gone to the movies by myself. It's always been in the back of my mind. I don't know why it's so hard just to do it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  43. I'd like to own my own business too...but very far in the future!

  44. Hi, I just found your blog and love it! xoxo

  45. Your ambitious! I love it! I also want to run a marathon, live/travel on boat, own my own business, get scuba certified and go on an African safari. African safari is probably on the top on my list!
    Great pictures (especially of the dog in scuba gear)

  46. Your ambitious! I love it! I also want to run a marathon, live/travel on boat, own my own business, get scuba certified and go on an African safari. African safari is probably on the top on my list!
    Great pictures (especially of the dog in scuba gear)

  47. You have such a lovely little blog. :) And these goals are absolutely fabulous. I hope you achieve each and every one!

    I especially would love to live one whole year worry free. The past year has been so hard for me, I think that sounds heavenly. :)

  48. Your list is inspiring & I know you can accomplish all of these! I would love to run a marathon and learn to play guitar. Great list!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    (FYI - I'm giving away a pair of BrooklynThread earrings - details are on my blog)

  49. Cool list...some of yours are some of mine!

  50. Like your bucket list. I've done a few things like -climb a real mountain and watch a movie by myself. Going to a movie alone is pretty easy-no one looked at me funny.

  51. Hello dear! I'm back from San Fran and trying to catch up on all that I missed in the lovely blog world. Wow. That is one heck of a list. You have written a couple books!? how intriguing. I want to know more. I have always wanted to be published as well. AMazing. And you must do peace corps! Better sooner than later!


  52. so many things... own my business too and travel to a very romantic place with someone I love...

  53. wowww! this is one of the most inspiring bucket lists ever. and it is a wee bit similar to mine...yea i'd love to be worry free if only for a month as well =)

    p.s don't forget to enter my giveaway contest this week!


  54. amazing bucket list!! Id love to live on a boat and travel to exotic locations!! scared of heights so id giving the pilots licence a miss! lol x

  55. Lovin' your bucket list love! I will be the first one in line to buy your book!! xoxo

  56. You are a brave woman! We have a Harley, but I always ride - I'd never have the guts to DRIVE! I love that quote about doing what you love :)

    In honor of my 1 year blogiversary, I’m hosting a RUG giveaway over at i m a g i n e! Come on over to enter :)

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  57. I'm dying to go on an African safari too! Especially after seeing Meg's pics from Tanzania!

  58. Safari is DEFINITELY on my list too!!!

  59. Wow! Quite the to–do list, I must say! But, I think you can easily tackle all of the above :)

    Wishing you a splendid start to the week,


  60. This is awesome! I share some of these goals, like learning how to play guitar, own my business and write a book. I climbed a volcano and it was the most physical demanding thing I've ever done. but It gives you a great feel of accomplishment.
    This was so inspiring that I'm putting together my very own bucket list and will blog about it.

    have a good week!!!

  61. i like (honestly i need to) to make "to do" lists. every day lists, monthly, life, year.
    It keeps me in order because i tend to get excited and changing things too often..

  62. Love, love, love your bucket list! You've inspired me to create my own soon! Good luck accomplishing everything you want to do...I have no doubt you will!



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