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Spreading my love about the gals in my life starting their own businesses:
** SO proud of them and hotdiggitydamn aren't they hottie's to boot?! **

My friend Kristina, who now lives in California (grew-up in Jersey), attended the wedding of 'Rachel and Shant' - it was in La Jolla, CA at The Darlington House - i HAD to share with you guy's - b/c HELLO - take a look @ the bride Rachel, STUNNING!!!! - and well my lovey Kristina, *miss you* who is a Pilate's instructor, is HELLO GORGEOUS!
Isn't the bride's dress beyond 'dreamy, whimsical, dramatic, simple, elegant, romantic'?

If you live in California and want/need a Pilate's instructor, hit up my lovey Kristina! - she'll get you the body you have always dreamed about!
e-mail: for rates
Her Blog: Breathe Pilates


Here we have my friend Brendee - who use to be a full time pastry chef - then became an elementary teacher - and now what?! - Back to chef (*errr* rather genus) - take a look @ these cupcakes - TO DIE FOR my loves - *PROMISE* - if your having an event, want a special treat for yourself or someone you care about - Hit Brendee up - you won't be disappointed!

little tid bit: remember me telling you how i always went to school with people with my same birthday? - well Brendee and i both share May 27, 1980 together :o)

Meet the chef/creator/genus: Brendee Solomon - e-mail: next time you want some slammin' cupcakes! ~ bakes out of Jersey City, NJ .. i have her pricing and flavor sheet, which you can e-mail/comment for or can contact B directly .. (ps i have more INSANE pics of the cupcakes if would like to see!)


here is my girl Krit (Kristen) - she has a new site/business opening in September! - Zillenia Designs! - wanted to spread the love about her site - it's FANTASTIC! - it's fabulous art you can get on canvas or print! - she's phenomenal!!- don't forget to check out her site - she's updating it daily and getting it ready for September debt!

To transform your home into a place of harmonious beauty by capturing the freshness and newness that is found in everyday living. We value our community and nature, so it’s at the core of our existence to give back and preserve what has been provided to us. A portion of every sale will be donated to charity.
e-mail : for more info


  1. Fabulous post, darling E!
    Love that wedding gown!
    And I am a Pilates Instructor too ~ would SO check out your friend's class if I lived in the area!


  2. Wow that dress is something. Magical!
    x Trina

  3. Wow! Of course you run with a gorgeous and talented group, only makes sense! You are such a good friend, and that bride's dress is amazing!

  4. Love that you are all creative and following your dreams! That wedding gown is AMAZING!!

  5. Congrats to your friends and lots of luck! And yes, that wedding dress is AMAZING!

  6. WOW...Let me start with the wedding dress...I LOVE IT!!! its all you said....stunning:) Those girls are so lovely and I would love to have some of those cupcakes and I love pilates:)
    Kisses,darling and see you soon:)

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  7. Love this :) ...I'm going to need to get myself one of those cupcakes ;)

    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. Such gorgeous stuff--and a beautiful bride!

  9. well heck i'm off to check out the pilates, i love those guys! yoga's my fave though...

  10. That's awesome! Good luck to your friends! I've always wanted to start my own business I just don't know what to do! haha

  11. What a beautiful bride!! :))

  12. You have so many talented friends! Rachel is such a gorgeous bride and that dress! AHHHH, it screams romance to me. So pretty.


  13. The bride's dress is so beautiful! Such a pretty girl too! Those cupcakes look wonderful. What fun to have friends starting such great businesses!

  14. What a gorgeous bride! If i lived closer to your friend, i would totally join her Pilates classes. I am currently "hanging out" with my p90x discs:-).

  15. Hey sweetie, you have such a lovely and talented group of friends! Definitely love the dress!

  16. Oh that dress is amazing! I LOVE!

  17. Those cupcakes are heavenly! I haven't had a good cupcake in so long. You have some talented friends.

  18. my GOODNESS, you know a lot of talented ladies! :D
    (you yourself, of course, being one. :P)

  19. I'm the lucky one for having such a talented & supportive diva in my life! Thanks E!

  20. Wow what a group of friends! Not surprised that they are fab like u, sweetie :)

    Oh and that dress is to die for!!! xoxo

  21. Oh, that's wonderful news! I wish I lived nearby :(


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