Kayleigh UPDATE:

so i'm at work right now - one of those days i'll just be starring at my computer screen and waiting for my phone to ring .. (lack of pictures b/c i only have the one's here at my work computer to work with)

(Kayleigh, Cailtyn, and Me)

after talking to the internalist, neurologist, and cardiologist- it turns out it's her heart - she's having a lot of arrhythmia's in a row and in v-tack - she had to go back into ICU last night and spend the night - her cardiologist, Dr. Goodwin (saint!) has VERY high hopes for her to be home today!!!! - she's been given' medicine through IV through the night and has had a constant heart monitor on as well  ..

so looks like all the liver issues, which still are present, are there but not causing harm - i still gotta see why her liver enzymes are so outragous - but as of now, they are not concerned about that ..

i got a call from the pharmacist that Dr. Goodwin called in her prescription - it should arrive by Friday - of course i have a MILLION and one questions for him and all the doctors once she gets a 'cleaner bill of health" to come home .. luckily since the medicine has to be made for her, they can make it in liquid form - i've had one VERY sick dog (Mr. Riley) and he was simple to give medicine too, i think he liked it b/c he knew it made him feel better - but Kayleigh there's no way she'll take a pill - so this is a good thing! ..

so as of now - they are saying since her heart wasn't working right, her brain did not get enough oxygen and that's what caused her collapse - her brain just shut down everything and THANK GOD my dad saw her when he did and i was able to give her CPR to get her back with us! - everything from 'that' night is so vivid and i can't shake how she looked, felt, and feeling helpless - i truly believe it was a miracle that i was able to bring her back and for her to be alive - i just can not wait to hold and kiss her and not let her leave my site!

for me - i knew i was always the 'calm, cool, collective' one when it came to disasters, but for the people around me - i always, always, always thought i would absolutely lose and i mean LOSE it if something happened to someone so close - i guess i found that in crisis i am able to handle a situation and when the time is right i let myself lose it - then pull back together to make sure everything happens what needs to ..

i always think that life teaches us so many things - i been through hell and back in my life - and to this day i thank god for what i went through and for the people who "got me back" - i think without those past experiences, without the pain, without the joy, without the love, without the lose and win, without the tears, without the suffering, without the excitement - i wouldn't be the person i am today - the person who truly can step up to the plate and get things done - and do it right! .. i've come a long way in life ..

i am thankful that Kayleigh is still with us - Dr.'s telling me she's doing amazing - i am thankful that i will get another chance to hold her in my arms and love her to pieces!

i'm just praying since i got no phone call last night - everything went SUPER well - and i get her home today!
Kayleigh Cait Wine Making
(Kayleigh giving kisses to Cait after wine making)
** Thank You my loves for the prayers they seem to have worked wonders **
i will tell Kayleigh ALL about you guy's and your super awesome healing powers and amazing energy!
she LOVES hearing stories!


  1. Ohhh...I am so so so sorry...I am glad that she is feeling better and that you maybe can take her home today...Poor little thing:(...Kisses,sweetie and let me know if I can help:)


  2. My thoughts and prayers are with Kayleigh and you. I do hope she is well enough to come home. I am so sorry you are going through this. There is nothing so horrible as what you have described - a love one who is suffering. I can't wait to read your post about a happy and healthy pup. =)

  3. So glad to hear she's doing better, Erika! (And thank goodness you know CPR.) I hope your pup will be licking your face very shortly : )

  4. Hope everything is okay, darling!
    Adorable pics!


  5. So happy she's doing better! I love the pic of Kaleigh and Cait on the bench! So cute!


  6. Thinking of, and praying for Kayleigh!

  7. Glad to hear she can come home tomorrow. Hope everything else works out for the best.

    Give her loads of love from us all.

  8. oh such cute pics...I hope she is doing ok :)

  9. Believe me, the pizza was indeed very good :)) And I fell in love with the bag, it's not a Birkin, but hell, a Guess handbag is always better than good with me :))
    Im glad Kay is good, she's so adorable <3

  10. Yeah! Glad to hear she is doing well....I am sure she will get tons of love when she gets home and will be back to her old self in no time!

  11. I'm so sorry!! I'm sending LOTS of love and sunshine to you!! xoxo

  12. Thanks for the update Erika and i'm happy to hear that so far, all is well. Hugs to you:-).

  13. Glad to hear she is doing better! Hope she comes home soon, I'm praying for you guys!!! xoxo

  14. Oh Sweetie! The heartache!! I can't imagine what you're going through. We're here for you tho! Keep us posted and know we're all right here by your side. Love ya dear!

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Here's hoping for good health and a speedy recovery!

  16. oh my!!! Sending lots and lots of love and prayers to Kayleigh and your family!

  17. OMG I'm so sorry this had to happen to your cute little dog! (sorry I missed it, I was on holiday) I'm amazed that you knew how to perform CPR and could bring her back, I wouldn't have been able to do that.


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