Kayleigh is home!!!!
she jumped into my arms and gave tons of kisses soon as i saw her!!!

poor thing hadn't ate or drank too much while there - she had wires all over her during her stay since she was on constant monitor - you can see below the bandage from where her IV was .. when we got home she had to GO potty bad and then she ate and drank like a fish - so her belly isn't as expanded now as it looks in the picture below - she's weak but getting stronger!!

(on car ride home)

meet with all the doctors (Dr. Goodwin is a saint, i swear the nicest doctor EVER!) .. they still don't know what's causing her heart not to pump correctly (arrhythmias) - she's on meds - her liquid form is in the mail and awaiting its arrival today!

they said with the heart, it's usually something else that causes the heart not to pump normally - diseases like pancreatitis, necrotic tissue or sepsis - which are causing the arrhythmias - hopefully the cardiac medicine will work until further testing in 1-2 weeks! - but from her last ultrasound everything looked good .. so *fingers crossed* meds work and no more episodes!

(she was so thirsty she was drinking out of my water bottle, tried to get the shot, didn't work out too well)

did you know when you give CPR only 5% of the times it works in humans and only 1% in dogs?! - I KNOW, me neither! - i learned that yesterday from the doctor!! .. so we have to keep a watchful eye on her for further 'callapse episodes' -- which mean her heart isn't pumping normally, so blood doesn't go in or out, the brain doesn't get its oxygen and blood supply, so the brains shuts everything down to conserve energy, and the rest is history ..

Facts about Kayleigh:
(she is a VERY pampered pet, we consider her 100% part of the family, not a 'pet')

  • favorite toy is her 'frontline' snowman - she got it from the breeder, was her first and now her favorite toy (but has an array and abundance of toys to say the least)

  • she wears a Coach collar

  • wardrobe of only designer clothes, Gap being the 'lowest' end and Juicy being her favorite

  • favorite food is shell fish (especially crabs, lobster, shrimp, clams), followed by chicken

  • she gets homemade meals made for her every day - she doesn't eat dog food, even tho it's there for her picking

  • favorite treats are greenies, chicken jerky, and denta bones

  • she has 1 favorite bed that she likes to go in during the day, she also "hides" treats/food in it, and when she's in it she thinks she "invisible" and no one can 'get her' (playing)

  • she sleeps with one of us every night, usually on the same pillow as us, right next to our heads

  • she uses pee-pee pads normally, but does go outside too

  • if she is at a 'strangers' house - she will go in their bathroom to 'go' to the bathroom

  • when she walks straight her body is actually sideways

  • she loves 'beating up' her brother and her brother Rusty let's her

  • she is a kisser - she will kiss and kiss and kiss until no end, she can never give anyone enough kisses!

  • she knows when we say "shore house" and "home" where she is going and is very excited to go in the car!

  • she only likes being held on the left side

  • she's scared of big dogs, but behind walls, fences, or enough distance - she will act very tough (but loved her cousin Burton, who is no longer with us, he was a Tibetan Terrier)

  • she and Peanut (my squirrel) get along great! - Kayleigh actually steals his biscuits all the time and eats em'

  • when no one is home, she sits at the top of the chair and looks out the window waiting for someone to get back home, then jumps and barks in circles with excitement

  • she always greats people with a treat for them - meaning she will grab whatever is around her (card, paper, treat, sock, toy, shoe) and give it to the person coming in

  •  if i take a day off work, she will come and kiss me like crazy thinking i didn't wake up in time for work, so she's my personal alarm clock too
  • the cutest thing is when she carries her purse around the house, by the strap and all
  • one of her favotie spots to sit/lay and relax is on top of Pop-Pop's chair
  • she likes to sun bathe
i can go on for days with this 'list' - but those are a few FIY's about Kayleigh

for support and prayers for her!


  1. My poochie is part of the family too! check out my blog post from yesterday :) Prayers for Kyleigh!! My Aunt has a dog just like hers and she's 15 now!!! She only gets homemade meals too!AND!! my Aunt has to feed hers by hand!

  2. awww poor little girl!! She sounds like quite a lil character!! I'm glad she's home!! I love when pets look out the window I think it's so cute! =)

  3. Okay, you are adorable how much you love your doggie! I totally understand,as I had a Lab for 12 years who was (and will always be considered) one of my best friends! Glad to hear that Kayleigh is home.

  4. Awww, so glad she's at home with you now! Pets are so special, aren't they? : )

  5. Erika, I am glad she is home, poor baby, but she knows she is loved!! I completely understand about dogs being family members, they just love unconditionally, don't they?! xo

  6. Yaaay, so glad your little lovely baby is ok!XO

  7. Happy that your furbaby is back home. =)

  8. Yay! I'm so happy to hear that she's home. I love her wardrobe too:-)

  9. she is so lucky to have you! Congrats on getting her back safely! I'm so impressed with your reaction time and the CPR. I really need to make sure I know exactly what to do now that my dog is getting older.

  10. I'm so happy Kayleigh is at home with you now, but those photos of her are so sad. She looks weak and tied but I bet she is doing better now that she is at home. Keep me posted with what they find out, I’m praying it was a onetime thing.

    Kayleigh certainly sounds spoiled! Don't tell my boys because they get most of their outfits at places like Target, but I think if I had a little girl I would be more tempted to go for the designer stuff. Coach collars would be adorable though… I might have to look into that :) Do you really have a squirrel?

  11. So glad your kiddo is home! Our 2 lil westies are our lil kids and if anything happened to them I'd be devastated. I even worry if they know that I love them enough! Lol

    Cute cute!!!

  12. oh she is such a cutie....I hope she is doing ok,

  13. I am so glad she is home with you!!!! Aww...poor little cutie...I hope she will be ok and she will be running around in no time:)...Wish you both a relaxing weekend...

    Kisses,sweetie and hugs

  14. I am so happy for Kayleigh you mama. I'm welling up with tears a bit because I can only imagine how stressful and tough the last few days have been. So glad to visit to day and see that she is home. My heart is smiling. =)

    (One of my dogs is a kisser too, so much love. =))

  15. Awwww! I am so glad she is at home and well, and certainly I'm sure -- so happy to be back with her family. There is nothing like a little addition to the family -- I feel the very same way about my Kaycee -- she sleeps beside me, and truly, is a second mother to us all. Thank you for sharing such sweet characteristics about her -- what a post to make a person smile :)

    Enjoy her + have a fantastic weekend,


  16. bless your doggy so cute hope he/she gets better xoxox


  17. Goodness, I am new to your blog and so happy your sweet dog is okay! I have three myself and I know how much they mean to you. Sending well wishes for Kayleigh and your family! Anxious to see more of your blog!

  18. aw, poor pup. I hope she has a speedy recovery. She's lucky to have such a loving & caring owner :)

  19. Awww the poor little thing but thank goodness she's ok! She sounds so adorable, I love the 'facts' you put together :-)

  20. Oh my gosh, Erika - so happy she's doing better. Poor little peanut. I totally know how it feels to have pups that are like children. Wishing her a swift recovery!

  21. oh sweetie how is she doing by now? Must be back to her good days! I love the facts you wrote of her, she sounds like my spoiled dog as well! I laughed at many of them!


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