have you guy's heard of the line "AIKO"?! - i'm in LOVE with it! - it's super soft casual-lounge wear! - and i'm ALL about it this fall and winter! .. take a look!

here's the Roslyn Turtleneck Dress and the Kusama Top - both are in my shopping cart - but i'm holding back and waiting for a sale!  - i'm in complete love and i mean COMPLETE love over the Kusama top!!!
the Karl hoodie is all LOVE, i have one JUST like it i got about 3 years ago, i always feel like a ballerina when i wear it :o) ... then we have the Rinko dress ... LOVE the shoulder detail!!!

here we have the Zee striped top and the Dhal drapy top - LOVE love love .. i can't get enough of it! - please get in my closet ASAP!

this is the Carlisle top - love the simple detail of this top! - i already picture myself in it!

so there's no doubt i LOVE me some casual soft wear! - this cotton sweat shirt inspired line is going to live forever in my heart as a fave! - i can not wait to have some pieces in my closet!

How about you?! - Feel it or Pass?!

PS - the San Gennaro feast starts tomorrow till next Sunday (16th-26th)  in Little Italy (NYC) ..
 anyone going?! .. it's a must for me! .. i love going for the food, drinks, and people! ..
can't wait - bring it!


  1. I really like these!! They look so comfy.

  2. So cozy and sweeet!!!! I love the hoodie:)
    Its getting colder here so I am thinking about getting a few new pieces:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  3. Oooo how cute is the back of that turtleneck dress!! I like the first dress too. There are sales on this stuff? I'm feeling it so I'll keep my out!

    I didn't even know about the Italian festival!! I wanna go!!

  4. Ooooo...Love that Dahl drapey top! I need to add tons of this comfy stuff to my wardrobe.

  5. I love the loose fit. Looks very soft and comfortable. Would for sure consider wearing it!

  6. comfy and stylist... um yes please!!!


  7. I love the Karl hoodie and Rinko dress! Perfect for fall!!!

  8. All very cute, I need more casual stuff.
    Just started following your blog.

  9. P.S. I've had a bit of an obsession with Mary Jane from Spider Man. I think it's a mixture of Kirsten Dunst and her having red hair. I just love her! haha so I guess that's why.

    You should go to school for it if it's your passion! I went to school for residential planning. A lot of the classes are so much fun!

  10. I have never heard of it but everything looks so cozy!!

  11. This all looks so comfy and cozy! I love all the grey sweatshirt material items.


  12. I've seen this line, but never actually tried it on. I'm with you Erika! I love the casual, easy wear. While the cutout sleeves usually aren't me I think I might be falling for the Carlisle top! With a little tank underneath and worn with leggings or even skinnies inside boots it could be super cute!


  13. Very cool and love the draping!

    I was just reading about the San Gennaro festival - they're putting more high end food there! I love walking through and munching!

    New foods and techniques at San Gennero

  14. Gorgeous pieces!
    Especially loving the last one!


  15. i really love the black dress and your right the shoulders are gorgeous.
    The feast looks like a blast! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  16. I really love the Dahl top~ So perfect & slouchy! :)

  17. That black dress is so amazing! I LOVE! Hope you had a great day doll!


  18. Umm...cute lounge wear?? COUNT ME IN! I'll take any excuse to wear something as comfortable as my sweats.

  19. I feel the same! And I've wanted to try architecture too!!! The closest I ever think I will come to it is reading books on architecture and enjoying the beauty of architecture though.

  20. Definitely feel it! I love what I see so far... chic and comfy pieces -- I could easily live in them! I think the Karl hoodie is my most favorite of all -- nice detailing.

    Hope you're having a great week :)

  21. Feel it a little bit!:D

    Thanks for posting, will check the line out!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  22. Thanks for sharing...I have not been to that website but these items look comfy and perfect for me...since I work from home some days! love it


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