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one of the hottest gals that blogs these days, Mrs. Tamara over at Memory Bean Designs, tagged me about "8 questions about myself"! ... FIRSTLY check MBD out, you'll love Tamara if you already don't know her! .. and SECONDLY here i go:

8 Questions About Mwah!
1.  Favorite flower?
Lavender! .. i know it's a bush, but it's my all time fave!
i have EVERYTHING lavender, i mean EVERYTHING!

2.  Favorite color combination?
navy blue and gray stripes .. and i say this mainly about clothing ..
3.  Favorite celebrity couple?

humm don't really have one, but ..
Katherine Zeta Jones and Micheal Douglas, they seem like the 'real' deal!
4.  My theme song?
*ekk*  um .. having total song blockage right now ..
i'll have to get back to u on this @ a later post *sorry*

5.  Favorite 'i had a terrible day' food?

without a doubt = Chocolate! - it's my go-to comfort food on SO many levels!
6.  Lipstick, lip gloss, or both?
chap stick/lip gloss combo by C.O. Bigelow which is carried at Bath and Body Works is my go-to everyday lip treatment ~ it's so fabulous it even treats bad breathe! .. they also carry lip tints which i love!

7.  Favorite magazines?

Elle (decor and fashion)
Real Simple
PS .. don't you miss Domino, it's a total void in my life!
8.  Favorite thing(s) about fall?
Fashion of course! - (pictured are the Frye boots i talked about, mine are darker brown tho) - i love getting a chance to break out my sweaters and layer up! .. nothing beats comfy worn-in sweats .. also to wear jeans again!

Blankets - when the air gets cool and the windows are open, i LOVE to snuggle up under the blankets and watch movies!

Baths - i LOVE taking lavender bubble baths in the fall/winter months -  i enjoy one every night to wind down, i think it's the perfect way to end the day!

Now i tag and you do the same  : o ) 

Tag YOUR it!

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  1. Love the stripes and boots. And yes curling up in a cozy down comforter is so amazing. Thanks for tagging me! you're so sweet.

  2. I love stripes...and lavender:)..Such a cool post:)
    Have a happy Thursday

  3. I so enjoyed reading your delightful list of sweet and charming things. I adore lavender, too;-)

  4. chocolates would be my happy drug right now. =)

  5. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love those boots!


  6. How nice to get to know a little bit more about you!
    Thank you for having me tagged, very sweat of you!
    Thank you also for leaving such nice comments at my place!
    I´ll post this 'tag' later on this week!

  7. Thanks for tagging me!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Whoomp there it is!! ;) Loved hearing more about you! I'd have to totally agree with you on your favorites about fall! Kinda wish work would stop so I can enjoy those cozy, under the blanket moments!

  9. I love layering in fall too and the boots, gasp!

    I love hearing more about the people I follow......Thanks for tagging me

  10. I love navy and grey stripes! And lavender, too. I have baths every night as well, couldn't live without!

  11. Perfect post! Man, I love those Frye boots :) xo

  12. I, too love stripes with jeans. No matter what color! Hope you're having a good Thursday : )

  13. Erika! I'm a lavender freak too!! Thanks for tagging me...I'll most def fit these in an upcoming post!


  14. Loved reading your answers! Chocolate all the way for me too! And fashion surely is the best thing about fall!

  15. hmm chocolate! I go GAGA for it! and the stripes of course ;)

  16. I think you were reading my mind when you wrote these answers! Chocolate, bubblebaths, blankets = perfection.


  17. How fun! The chapstick and boots are totally my language as a TX girl :) Those stripes are hot!

  18. Oh yes chocolate!!! I am the queen of it, especially being vegetarian, it's my excuse for accessing iron, lol! Great to read your answers.

    Thanks for tagging me, I will definitely play along. Watch this space! xx

  19. i love those boots, they look SOOOO COMFY!!

  20. Well, I share most of your passions: stripes, chocolate, bubble baths and the rest too :)

  21. I'm with you on the chocolate!! Those bigelow mentha lip glosses are great! xo

  22. I'm with you on the chocolate!! Those bigelow mentha lip glosses are great! xo

  23. I'm with you on the chocolate!! Those bigelow mentha lip glosses are great! xo

  24. Girl you are making me blush!! ;-)
    Loved your answers, and isn't Catherine just gorgeous?! her hubby's kinda old lol but who am I to judge, they've been together for a while.

    Hope you are having a fab weekend!


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