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Emily Ryan was brought to my attention by my love Brendee, whom i featured about her cupcake business, check her u'll LOVE what she makes, The City Cupcake! - back to Emily: she's a designer who features her insane stuff on Etsy - check her creations out!

this cowl neck tunic dress started it all off for me - i said I NEED THAT! - how perfect is it?!

hello fabulous asymmetrical maxi dress!

and this coat?! - how Mackage is this, right?! - or even Mike & Chris - LOVE IT!

i'm all about ruffles - so i totally swooned to this!

did this dress just steal your heart?!

i'm saving EVERY penny i make to own this beehive dress - this is beyond art!
i literally HAVE to have this ASAP!

i LIVE in dresses like this button neck dress! - i can't tell you how many i own, similiar, but not as fantastic and dreamy as this one! - WANT dearly!

SOLD! - back to the ruffles again *sigh*

How do you guy's feel about Emily's work?

My Weekend Plans:

HAPPY almost WEEKEND everyone! - i'll be heading down the shore, probably the last time till next spring/summer, i very rarely go down in the winter months! - i hope to make dinner @ Mud City on Saturday night with Blue Moon's in tote (it's BYOB) - then hopefully we'll get to go over to the island (LBI) for some shopping, i love going now b/c everything is DIRT cheap! *score* - in addition we plan on making 2 more fishing trips this weekend before the boat gets taken out of the water - and well, the rest is up in the air .. LOVE weekends!!!



  1. These look beautifully made, but I don't think every body type could pull them off! The coat is phenomenal!

  2. Those are such a great pieces...I am loving that coat...can I have it please? hahaha
    Have a wonderful weekend,sweetie

  3. The ruffle dress is really nice!

  4. These pieces are amazing!!!!
    Great finds!

    Have a great weekend Erika!


  5. I adore that first tunic dress. I must have!

  6. I LOVE that first dress and that coat!!! I have to check out more. I'm totally hooked :)

    Have fun this weekend, sweetie! I'm staying in the city enjoying one of those perfect fall weekends xoxo

  7. I love the necklines on all these wonderful dresses.

    Have a lovely evening at Mud City while saying good bye to the shore (for now anyways)
    I'll be picking up my much anticipated addition to our family tonight and enjoying all the surprises she'll bring.

  8. I must go check her site out. These selections you shared with us are beyond fabulous!

    Plans this weekend- lots and lots of football! I couldn't be more excited!

  9. Interesting is the word that comes to mind and a lot of fabric for sure ;) The cowl neck tunic dress is my fave!!

    have a great weekend!

  10. Amazing collection. That first dress is calling my name.
    Hope you have a fantastic friday doll! xoxo e

  11. Oh I love the ruffled one! Cute stuff.

    I am heading to NYC :) So pumped! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Have fun fishing! That's what I plan on doing on Sunday- Can't wait to be out on the river one last time before the coolness rolls in!

  13. OMG such gorgeous pieces!
    Especially loving that first dress!


  14. Erika these are bloody fantastic!! Every single one I was like, "this one's my favorite, no this one, no this one..." Good grief! The first, second, the one with the birds....I want it all!!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!


  15. I am in LOVE! No joke she is amazing!!!


  16. What a fantastic and DARING collection! WIll go and check her out further now.
    Have a fab weekend!

  17. That first tunic dress will be mine... AMAZING! have fun at the shore. I will be dipping my toes in the pacific this weekend :)


  18. wow, these are some gorgeous finds! i love that coat. the detailing is just beautiful.

    this weekend we're going to a concert for one of my favorite bands! yippee!

  19. wow now these are really unique and that jacket and that first cowl neck dress. off to check out her site. have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Oh wow, great pieces, they are all unique and fun. =)

    Have a happy happy weekend sweetie

  21. That coat in the third picture is amazing! I love it!
    Enjoy your weekend! xo

  22. That grey number is just spectacular!

  23. Such fabulous details, so unique and special! Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Sounds like a fun weekend you have in store dear!!!

    Her work is freaking amazing, looks like clothes you would see on the runway. Esp love the jacket!!! Thanks for sharing

  25. The bird dress is aaahhhhmazing!! Major love!

  26. These are amazing and unique pieces! Your weekend sounds like it's going to be "off the chain.":-) xx

  27. Her work is extraordinary! Wow... in love with the coat and artsy piece. I will have to visit her site. Thank you for sharing such a talented lady...

    have a fabulous weekend,

  28. Her designs are amazing...I'll have one of each, please!

  29. Wow, I am really impressed by those designs... especially that amazing coat and the bird dress. Simply beautiful!

  30. i have given your blog an award!

  31. i have given your blog an award!

  32. wow amazing designs here! i love that uber chic coat and the ruffled top so much! can't wait to check out more of her creations...thank you for sharing sweetie...have alovely week ahead!

  33. Great finds!!
    I especially love the beehive dress.

  34. This has long been one of my fave Etsy stores! I adore the tunic with the cowl.


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