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i hope everyone had an AMAZING long weekend! - mine was fantastic, even though i was out of commission all Sunday (ekk nasty hangover), i'm already counting down the days for next weekend! *smiles* ... thank you for all thinking of Kayleigh she's doing awesome, totallllly back to herself except she has a 'howl bark' now, freaky but funny ..

All items can be found at The Perpetual Kid - one of my fave online stores!

so your going to someones house and bringing the usual bottle of wine, well why not put a sock monkey on it?! .. i know my friends would love this! - how about yours?

Drink one way Drunk the next .. bottoms up!

remember when you would go to your magic 8 ball for the answers?
i have this guy in my kitchen - how can u not get a kick out of this?! - he's a total stud muffin!
does someone in your house like to sing in the shower? - well here's the perfect gift!
make a wish and watch it grow - these crystals grow and come in the 4 elements: earth, water, air, and fire

i already bout 2 in each color - (ps i found them in TJMaxx and HomeGoods for half the price!)

ok i admit - i LOVE sushi and eat it every chance i get - but i really stink at chopsticks - so yes - i actually bought myself a few sets of these - for when my niece and/or ummmm friends come over for sushi ..
ever wanna meet your sanitation workers? - well i can't say that i have either - but i'm sure you would if you used these bags!!

OMG do you remember these? - i remember getting these for Christmas when i was a kid - i think i got a new pair 3 Christmas's in a row b/c i would jam out with these bad boys! - now this would be a KILLER gift!

Imagine taking that long overdue vacation to a tropical resort where the surf gently caresses the white sand beach .. dream no more!! -- and then here's a tongue in-cheek tribute to anyone who's ever scribbled a reminder on their hand or wrist. Err, that would be about everybody, right?

so i'm one of those people that has to have a key cover on my key's - i guess it's kinda' like you wouldn't leave the house without putting on shoes right? - my keys needs to be dresses too .. (i think that was bad example i'm always running out the house with no shoes, *blushing*)


  1. Okay, the shoe stopper in black is calling my name! The goldfish bags are hysterical and the sponge mic might be what I missing for my shower concerts! Fun post!

  2. I need those sushi grabbers! I end up eating my California Rolls w/ a fork and knife... I know, lame, huh? I just can't get the hang of chopsticks!

    p.s. I'm having an Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if it interests you! xo

  3. I love the key monkeys...Such a cute store...I have to check it out:) I am so happy that Kayleigh is doing well and she is being a happy little self:)
    Hugs sweetie
    Have a great day

  4. the Beergarita I had was virgin margaritas (frozen) mixed with leinenkugel honey weiss, it was very tasty! I don't know if Leinenkugel is a Midwest thing, but it's good!

    I love the wine monkey! so cute!

    Those crystals are very cool, have you tried them?

    Cute monkey keys too! I'm with you on having cute keys!


  5. That is a lot of neat, unique items. I'm having trouble picking out which of those items I like the most.

  6. Some of these seem great fun to have at parties or to give as little party gifts.

    Glad you had a great weekend!
    Rambles with Reese

  7. LOL these are all fabulous! I especially love those sushi thingies. Hysterical! Glad u had a good weekend, sweetie. I was the same as u on Sunday but still managed to have a great weekend :)

  8. Hi Erika! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! These are all so darn cute, the shower mic sponge is a riot, I totally need that for my hubby's Christmas stocking this year!! :) Thanks for the giggles this morning xxoxo

  9. Haha. I have seen the wine monkey and I so want to get some for when we carry wine to partys!

  10. What a fun post! My favorite is the monkey sock : )

  11. Such a fun lively post! :) I love those garbage bags, hahah! And go you, for the mega hangover on Sunday, Means a fantastic Saturday night methinks!

    Lovely week to you!

  12. haha, cute finds. i love wine monkey! my keys have 'clothes' too. i have an owl and hello kitty dresed up as an orange. ;)

  13. those fish garbage bags crack me up for some reason!

  14. LOVE the wine monkey! What funny items:-) Glad you are feeling better (hangovers are no good!)

  15. oh my you found some fun stuff. I love that shower singing sponge thing! And those sushi chopsticks are great!

  16. I love this....

    fishy garbage bags, monkey wine sack, well..just about all of it.

  17. These are so cool and fun! They'd also make such cool gifts. Great finds! xx

  18. Wow, so interesting! That drink, drunk cup is too funny. There is a store here in town that sells a lot of this kind of stuff. I could spend so much time in there looking at all this odd, but interesting things!


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