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a little randomness for ya:

what a perfect feel about everything, no?

could you imagine growing up and having this hide-away bed?
i want it now as an adult

how perfect is this restaurant lighting? - plus the chalkboard - loves!
ps - plus LOVE the paint color!

how fabulous to have that inspiration board and quote to look at while you work?!
it's going up asap in my house! "work hard & be nice to people" YES YES YES!

i need this enchanted space in my life pronto!
i think every backyard needs to be loved with Christmas lights all year long!
how can you not be in the best mood ever with this surrounding you every night?!

how special would it be to have a family picture as a mural on your wall? - BEYOND!
sold sold sold!

i'm goo-goo for this space - loven' the use of pillows and natural light!
i'd add a whole lotta' "more" if it were mine, but just loven' the space

how cool is this painting floor?!

these wings stole my heart! - i HAVE to hangs wings in my home, just have to now!

sorry i've been MIA blogger world! ..
 ( 'boohoo award' back to me again, gesh erika )
been a woman of many hats lately and just trying to keep up ..
i'm not complaining one bit - i'm having the time of my life !!!
*all smiles and sunshine*

PS .. Kayleigh's heart is back to normal - so now we are weening her off her meds - she goes back in 4 weeks to see how her heart does without the meds - otherwise she' back to normal - playing with her brother and all her friends! - and her "barker" is coming back as well, she's not 100000% back to normal, but pretty darn close! - which i'll totally take!


  1. Hi Darling:) So lovely so see you:)
    I adore the huge family photo and the amazing top table:)
    Kisses and hugs and how is your little cutie? Doing better?

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. omgosh.. 1 - 5 are just gorgeous. i love the lighting for the restuarant, and the mix of wooden old furniture with modern white. ah, love it! :)

    <3 Kelly

  3. HI. Welcome back and glad to hear Kayleigh is doing ok :)
    Love the picture of the desk...very inspiring as I try to re do my office. And love the mural on the wall-I really like that idea. And, love those tall windows, pillows, and all that light! beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous spaces and pics, darling!
    Lovely post!


  5. the hide away bed is the cutest and coolest things I ever seen!

  6. Love that first space & that restaurant lighting! And yay about Kayleigh!

    Hope you get to slow down a relax real soon sweetie! xoxo

  7. glad that things are going better - hope you get to unwind a bit!

    and i looovoe those lights and that mural, sensational finds! jx

  8. What a lovely selection of photos!

    Glad Kayleigh is better!

  9. How cool is that restaurant! Everything about it. Great rooms!! The wall mural is wowzers too!! Glad to hear about Kayleigh. Have a great day!!

  10. I love the little hide away! I want one!

  11. Every last one of these are amazing! I love love LOVE the lit up backyard. Sparkly lights always lift my mood no matter what!

  12. I've always wanted a bed like the one in the second picture!

  13. I'll take that hideaway bed! Lovely decor finds as always!

  14. Oh thank goodness! I'm so happy for you that Kayleigh is doing better. That's such great news.
    I love your random posts! There are so many things here that I like... that hideaway bed, that picture on the wall...!!!

  15. You always have the cutest finds here dear:-) Lovin the pink, the be nice to people sign, and restaraunt lighting!!!

  16. YAY! I'm so happy to hear that Kayleigh is doing much better!!


  17. I like the picture of the desk. I may print it and put it in the office's board near to the coffee machine...


  18. So happy Kayleigh is feeling better and getting her bark on....

    i would love a hideaway bed too. it would be my own personal private escape. to dream...

  19. Loving all the random pics! They are all so fun!!!


  20. i like that hide-away bed too! :D

    <3, Mimi

  21. That hide-away bed is beyond cool!:D

    Great finds and thanks for sharing!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  22. There is so much wonderful inspiration here! I love the hanging light bulbs!

  23. I LOVE that top pic sooooo much. Wish I was there right now!!!

    Hope everything's going okay with you...sounds like at least a little better :)


  24. Wow! I love all these images! They're fantastic and I want a bit of everything I see here in my home!

    Wishing you a fab week Erika!

  25. wow! what an amazing selection of references - so inspiring!

    ps: you might also be interested in the jane iredale giveaway I'm currently running. stop by and take a peek!

  26. I would have given anything to have that hide a way bed as a kid. What am I saying? I would give anything to have it now.

  27. I love the wings, I have a pair that are stashed in the back of my closet but I should put them on display. I am glad Kayleigh is doing better...I am a "doggie mommy" myself and it is heartbreaking when they are sick.

  28. glad to hear the good news... love that restaurant... that blue makes me daydream!

  29. so glad puppers is doing well!

    i love that poster - it should get PLASTERED all over this office... :P

  30. I love you blog!!! And I need the hidden bed very much.

  31. ok my favorite is that hideaway bed!! i love it AHHH

  32. Such happy images! I grew up on a sailboat so the little berth in pic 2 got me:) Great report on Kayleigh~!!!! Happy weekend

  33. Lovely!
    Is that floor from 9 by design? I love that show!! I walked past their apt the other day and saw that flooring on the front door...it's really amazing!

    have a wonderful weekend!


  34. So happy Kayleigh is doing better! Will continue to keep you in my prayers :) Gorgeous pictures, have a lovely weekend!

  35. coooool post!! Really nice blog :)



  36. I really love that hideaway bed! So cute!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e
    (I've got a great giveaway happening now - ends Sunday - come enter!)

  37. Sweetie, I want that hide-a-way bed!! Or, maybe I don't. If I had it, I'd probably never leave it! ;-)

    Hope your friend is doing ok with her heartache and all. Never, ever easy!! Did she take a look at my new blog filled with quotes... some of those really help with the heart. Or at least they help me when I'm going through my tough times! She'll be ok. I promise.

  38. seriously yellow wellies?? that is too cool!

  39. how gorgeous are all these rooms! i'll take that little gir's bed any day! it looks so cozy and comfortable to sleep in!

    i hope things slow down for you sweetie...good to know Kayleigh's doing well now.


  40. I love your blog!!! sooo LOVELY!!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  41. Such good news about Kayleigh. Thanks for keeping us updated as she is in my thoughts. By the way, love your randomness lady. :)

  42. I am totally enamored with the table in the first pic!

  43. That hideaway bed is the best one I have ever seen! Amazing round up of gorgeousness here!

  44. I'm so glad your little one is nearly back to herself entirely! And, as for this post? Well, it's lovely -- I want to have that hidden bed, too, it's fantastic!

    Hope your weekend was lovely, my friend, xoxo

  45. Yes, please! I want all of these rooms!


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