Hope Your Not Color Shy!

i love color - i never think a lil color here or there will hurt anything - you gotta meet Doug Meyers and take a look at his Miami home! - i'm in loooooove! - this is exactly how i would decorate a beach house!!!

tooth chair? how cool - the sofa *sigh* - wood table *sigh* - MM Warhol *killer*!

cactus garden ontop of table *luvs*

poufs *i'm a die hard* - tables and seating *perfect*

umbrella *too cute*
hand holding jewelry *sold*
beaded light fixture *sigh* - rug *perfect*
no words! *LOVE*
*luvs luvs luvs*

i'm thinking there can't be one dull moment in this house! - this is HAPPY 101 aka PARTY 101 - all i know is i want to be invited as a guest!!!!! (call me up Doug, i'm available anytime after Jan 18th *wink wink*)


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Home Reno Update:
so you know how i mention on here from time to time how i have gutted my house and am in the processing of finishing it up - well yesterday my mission was to buy 6 brackets - 3 for each hand rail for my 2 sets of staircases - seems simple enough, right?! - well well well - THIS is the exact reason why it has taken me SO long to 'finish' my house - b/c well - when you do it yourself, and start from scratch, you get to pick out every itty bitty teeny weeny item (i take this job seriously, btw) - and get this - the brackets i 'like' - yes, just like, not even love - are $62 EACH! - ummm crazy! - Home Depot/standard brackets are $2 just to give you a clue of where i'm going with this - insane! - so now i'm on the hunt for the perfect hand rail brackets that are more affordable! - and while i'm on the hunt i'm looking for door levers for all my inside doors - here's another clue - the one's i like are over $350 each! - not good - so i have a week to find brackets and door levers before my materials arrive and my carpenter is installing .. *deep breathes* .. move in should be soooooooon *ekk*
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  1. I am so glad everything is going well with the house.I bet it has to be a huge job to do it all yourself...But it will look amazing!
    Love all those colours and that green sofa is adorable

  2. I love those green dining room chair. Vintage? Great post - I am a color-lover as well!

  3. I dont know Erika....you might need to add some color to those dull rooms..HA! They are Fun and Happy...very YOU!
    xoxo love

  4. I love colour!! I think my favourite room in that house is the back patio with the gold poufs!

  5. I am loving the outdoor spaces- so fun!!!

  6. Oh.My.Gosh. I am loving that burst of colorful, happy, cute, adorable house!! If anyone lives there isn't as happy as the house they need to get a personality check. :D It is too cute, would never have thought that color would work ^__^

    And I do hope you find what you're looking for for your house. Can't wait for you to show pictures :D



  7. Such fun colors!

    Ouch, those are some pricey brackets! I am curious about your decor finds though - where do you find these luxe brackets (getting my recommendations for our move back some day!)

  8. Congrats on the move! And those colorful rooms totally perked up my morning!

  9. Thanks for this shot of colour! I adore bright colours in rooms. And sounds like you're making awesome house progress!

  10. oh WOW!! talk about color crazed! i could take this, if it's at a friend's house that i visit from time to time, NOT my own place! but i will say, i love that pool setting!

  11. I love color too! This home is just fun! xo

  12. I love color but this is a bit overboard for my taste. However it's fun and bright and like you said, perfect for a beach house! I could see the clan of "Jersey Shore" sitting by that pool ; )

  13. This definitely sounds like a problem I would have. In never fails, WHATEVER I'm shopping for I absolutely LOVE the most expensive. Good luck on your search!!

  14. I love all of this! I would be the happiest girl in the world living here.

  15. I am loving that purple and blue bedroom!! And I can't believe how expensive those things are! You need to give them a piece of your mind!

  16. I can't wait to see this house of yours woman. Don't put the pictures on blogger!! What if it doesn't work that day and I can't see them?? AAAAHAHAHAHA!

    seriously though - you're so close to move in!!


  17. OK I would live there in a second! It's too much fun!!! xoxo

  18. These colors are amazing! Love all of the green!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  19. That is such a fun-looking house! Can't help but smile... see :)
    Hang in there with your house -- I'm sure it will be GREAT!

  20. Gorgeous! I was color shy until recently. My house now has bold paint colors and I'm so glad I was brave enough to finally go for it!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  21. Love all this color-how could anyone ever feel blue or depressed in a place like this right? Second to last picture is my favorite! naina

  22. Now THAT is a collection and a place even David Bromstead might say could be the mascot for Color Splash!


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