Birds of a feather, flock together!

i love anything with feathers
they just have this playful earthy vibe to them that attracts my likeness to them!
let me show you what i mean:

this feather frock (without the frownful face) is beyond!

how badly do you want to be invited to sit at this table?
i know i'm on edge for an invite!

eye catcher, eye candy, eye love - whatever you wanna call it
playful and fun - adds a punch to any outfit!

i've been dying for a feather skirt like this (also the legs to wear it)
this screams FUN night out - and i want in!

how stunning are these feather light fixtures?!
just fabulous - anyplace with these is a place i wanna be!
forget garland - use feathers! - how flirtatious with the lights!

butterflies what do you think of this vintage inspired desk?
notice the use of feathers?!

i NEED this feather explosion on my wall - asap type of need!
well other then the price - *boo* - wonder if i can DIY it?!


My Life:
never gonna believe this one - Sunday on my way to Homegoods - i get into an accident - this time i'm in my Mom's car - sitting at a red light changing a song on my iPod - i hear a bunch of noise - then BAM - i'm hit - a young kid driving a SUV lost control while making a left turn, spun a 180, and resulted in hitting the whole back end of the car - it was just like 'u gotta be kidding me' - but we both were 100% fine - his truck has just scratches, Mom's car is a lil banged up, but nothing major ..

on the bright side, when i finally made it to Homegoods, to get some final touches for my Christmas decor, NO LINE at checkout - this is unheard of! - i took that as a good sign - that the big man upstairs sent a high-five to me ..

PS - i got my 'tree' up - well it's not a tree per say - it's a dress form - but i wrapped garland all around it - strung lights around - hung balls as a belt and trim for the skirt - has a star atop - it just screams 'it's going to be a fashionable merry Christmas at this home'  .. i couldn't be more pleased with myself!

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  1. I lurveee all these feathers! I went to a wedding that had pink ostrich feathers on the chair. It was so cute.

  2. I love the feathered wings on the chairs!! That is absolutely adorable!! I don't know what type of party I would do that for but I will find some excuse!!

    Dear Erika!!! Omg!! Can I please put you in a bubble? You and your family? I gasped when I read you were in an accident. I'm so grateful that your okay!!! I hope that kid has insurance. I'm glad you got a lil tree up. Dress forms make wonderful trees. I'll be thinking about ya! Be careful with the wet weather were having today!!!

  3. glad that you are ok...I am keeping my fingers crossed that you all will be ok...
    Btw: I adore the little wings on the chairs..How adorable is that?
    Happy Monday, sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  4. I love faux feathers. Geeze Erika, I thought your bad luck would have ended by now? I'm glad you're okay! I think this means there are so many good things headed your way in 2011!

  5. Those angel wings on the back of that chair are SO adorable!!

    xo Lynzy

  6. reminds me of kanye's feature film ''runaway''...the stlying in that was amazing (and full of feathers).

  7. Pictures needed of your tree asap! Sounds so fun.

    Too bad about the wreck, tis the season here (bad icy roads and loads of rain.)

    Love the feathered chairs and table trees. Bookmarking this one.

  8. Oh wow. I'm glad you're okay! I'd love for you to send me a photo of your tree for my blog feature. I think it sounds fabulous- even if it's not a traditional tree.

  9. This collection of feather photos is amazing!! Love the wreath and the chairs and the lights! Stunning Dear, really really stunning!

  10. The winged chairs are to die for!

  11. You must post pics of your dressform/tree! So cute.

    Sorry you got hit. :(

  12. I love feathers! I especially love my feather earrings and there is a feather wreath at Anthropologie that I'm head over heels about!

  13. Woman I want you to immediately purchase some feathers for yourself. You have been having such a time of it lately - treat yourself to a little something special.

    Thinking of you,

  14. Feathers make quite the statement! The feather clutch is stunning! The feather wall art is gorgeous too...when we were in South Africa those were being sold everywhere. I have a savvy friend who made gorgeous feather tie-backs for her child's window treatments. As for your personal note, thank goodness you walk away from the accident in good health.

  15. Erika, first I am glad you are alright. Fun idea to use a dress form, would love to see some picts of your original idea!!!! Now for the feathers I am a big fan. I used a boa as a garland and I have a feather wreath hanging on a mirror in my entry. I used the same treatment in my guest room last year. You can see it at the end of this post:

    Enjoy all of your creativity sweetie, Merry Christmas,

  16. Well Sweet BootyFly! You OK? Sorry about moms car! Thank God you are ok! I SOOOOOOOO want to sit at that table with the Angel Wings!!! MAAAAAYBE, I could put them on and FLY to see you!!


  17. Oh, thankfully you didn't get hurt! Dumb kid. I love those dining chairs!!! So sweet. xo

  18. Ugh! When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? I'm just glad you weren't hurt!

  19. I love the feathers as a garland! great idea!

  20. Oooh even as a vegetarian I want those feather chairs (or the feather wall explosion!) I'm sorry about your accident- I hope you're ok!

    xo Emily

  21. sorry to hear about the wreck - darn teen!!
    great feather images ;) esp that skirt - so cute!

  22. i LOVE the feathered light fixtures!!

    I'm so sorry about your accident. thankfully you're okay and your car isn't too messed up. i know that can be so scary. my first accident when i started driving was also at a red light, but they drove off to try to stay out of trouble. luckily i got the license plate number

    i didn't get whiplash immediately, but it did show up. you may want to go to the doc just to get checked out if you haven't already. especially if you were hit while at a complete stop :(

    xo -tsuki

    p.s. that dress form/tree sounds fabulous! you need to post pics!

  23. the chairs with the angel wings are so cool. i could so see that for Christmas or Wednesday. you know? so cool!

  24. that feather skirt is really something to die for!

  25. I'm also loving feathers lately. I really want to make a feather wreath. That feather explosion is ah-mazing.

    Again I'm sorry you got into an accident...Thankfully you & the other guy were okay. I"m sending you all kinds of positive thoughts!!!!

  26. Feathers are amazing! I would've never expected to see any of these variations, but they are the skirt and the dining table decor! I am dreaming of feathered area rugs now ;) thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about your car accident. Hope all turned out OK.


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