Mark your calanders!

today is bitter sweet!

it's my 1 year blogiversary

thank you to ALL my bloggy-friends! - i never thought i'd be posting away like i have been - letting things go, putting things out there, and growing - this blog has become more then just a blog that was started after watching Julie and Julia - it's become part of who i am - thank you for reading and commenting!!


Mom is going in for surgery
(breast cancer)

today begins a journey for my Mom - one that might have more downs then ups - but she has a supporting cast by her side that will get her through this ordeal - she's strong yet scared - but in the end will come out a survivor!


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  1. sorry to hear those news about your mom. It will be ok! It takes time to go through this and she will be fine. just take one day at the time. Good luck to you and you family!
    And happy Blogiversary, sweety!!!

  2. Hope you mom will be ok, sweetie...I am going to keep her and your whole family in my thoughts. Also, happy Blogiversary, sweetie pie

  3. Thoughts are on my mind and warm wishes are being sent your way that your mother does well with her surgery and is on the road to recovery soon.
    Happy 1year Birthday to Tiptoe Butterfly!

  4. Best of luck to your mom, hope she will be allright ♥

  5. You darling you, happy blogiversary, yours is truly one of my favourites and you are so gorg. All my best to your mum, sending my love to you both xxx

  6. I"ve loved following you on your journey...can't believe it's been a year - a true milestone!! Best of luck to your Mother. This blog friend will surely be thinking of you all!!

  7. All my thoughts and prayers go to your mom.
    Happy Blog Anniversary. I never knew you started after watching Julia and Julia. So interesting!

  8. happy one year! Best wishes for your mom - I hope everything goes well.


  9. You will be a strong anchor of support for your Mom- family is so important in times like this! Congratulations on your one year!

    xo Emily

  10. Congrats on your 1yr blogoversary. SO exciting. :) I'm a new blogger and I have to say it's quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

    Love and hugs to your mom! I'm saying prayers for her & her supporting cast.

  11. Congrats on your anniversary!

    I'll say some prayers for your mom!

  12. Happy Anniversary Girl!! That's how I started too! That movie!

    I hope everything goes okay for your Mom!! I'll say a prayer for her that everything went well!! God bless her! =)

  13. Happy blog birthday darling and hoping for the best for your mom!

  14. Wow - bittersweet. Congratulations on your wonderful milestone and keep your chin up (and your awesome spirit) about your mom. xo

  15. I'm on the same road you are, my Dad had surgery for lung cancer back in August and its been a long road since. But, I'm hoping and praying that the end is coming soon. Praying for your mom here, let us know if there is anything we can do from the blog world :)

  16. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way and your mom's way!


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