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my decor eye has been super sensitive to amazing finds lately - here are a few interiors that have that special 'something' that caught my 'decor eye'

this gray soft felt pouf has me head over heels - it can soften' any space right up!
i'm literally racking my brain where i can put this lovey in my pad!

how fun is this Pucci-inspired chair?! - that's some eye candy!
notice the Panton chair in the back?! - u know me and my Pantons!

i have a real flare for Moroccan living - love the bright color and the cheerfulness of it all - this space screams 'happy causual' to me! - would LOVE to eventually do my back porch in a Moroccan theme, which i think will work well with the hot tub :o)
i'm usually not a fan of 'shabby chic' - but this place totally grabs my attention - something about all its quality of reused materials and wheels being used as legs - i'm diggin' it!

i would say my own personal decor style is part 'minimalist' - i love sleek, modern, raw, unfinished yet super finished materials - this above space with its sheepskin rug, metal finishings, exposed raw beams and ceiling is heaven for me!

venetian mirror + painted birch + pink bowls + metal shoe hanging + model pics + high gloss black paint  = LOVE!


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  1. Hi Erika!
    I love that you show images of different decor styles, and found beauty and something special in all of them. The love the chaise on the second image. Sleek, modern, fabulous. Have a great day, sweetie.

  2. Yes to the Pucci chair (with a Pucci bag on top?)

  3. I love the last pic with the mirror and pink bowls! :)

  4. I agree, love the soft gray felt pouf, although I think my cat would love it more! xo

  5. Love several of the rooms you are showing us here Erika!
    The moroccan plans for your porch sounds amazing. It´s such a nice look!

  6. Love bits of them all. Like you the room with the brown sofa and exposed beams speak to me.

    Keep your "decor eye" coming...I need these inspirations.

  7. I wish I had the room for that gray soft felt pouf!! It is soo cute!!! I could walk the aisles of Home Goods & Pier 1 for hours. Tons of things are stealing my eye! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  8. i LOVE that fireplace stacked with logs. it's amazing!!!

  9. I loooove exposed beams and natural elements in design. I can't wait to actually design a place with new furniture and carefully picked out pieces instead of all the things I was given during my "just starting out" phases.

  10. Love the last picture. I really want a large spot to put firewood. That looks so nice.

  11. Those wood beams on the ceiling... swoon. Heart melts. Love.

  12. Erika, I'm obsessed with the gray pouf!!

  13. gah i'm such a home deco nerd :) love it
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  14. You've been on my mind so I wanted to check in...plz make room in your new pad for that pouf!! It is gorge, Erika. And the minimalist room with the exposed beams - oh wow is that ever a beauty.

    So glad to hear you had a great night with your friends. I'm thinking of you and your mom. She is most def in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated.


  15. That last picture is beautiful. However, I love the lamp in the first pic. So fun!
    Lila Ferraro

  16. so pretty, I especially like the 3rd and 4th photos! definitely makes me want to decorate!


  17. Those beams are fantastic! Love that it blends very well with the contemporary decor below! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  18. Love that poof! Also loving the room with the low beams! Ahhhmazing!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  19. Erika,
    You need to have several different homes in different locations so you can showcase your eye for beauty in each home! Love the images you've shown. How's your mother?

  20. Hi Erika!
    That last pic caught my eye a little extra. It seems everything that has a great light and brightness seeks my attention. Am really looking foward to spring and can´t wait for the light to come back to us!
    Happy new week!


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