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some random pictures i found and the thoughts i had when i found them:


i am beyond in love with this - i believe every word on here - brings the ultimate smile to my face! - i refuse to ever stop dreaming - i will dream the dream till the day i die :o) - i have a feeling this will be somewhere in my home that i can read every day

i'm all about sticking out from the pack - the ones who stick out are the ones who become winners - don't follow the crowd, be your own character in the play of life - always do what you believe is right, and you will never fail

there's no better time then NOW - if there's something you want to say, apologies to be made, compliments to be given, help to be had, kisses to be thrown - do it now - what are you waiting for?! - every minute counts - seize your moments! - you never know when it will be 'too late'

be the unexpected surprise no one thought about! - you don't need to prove yourself, but if you decide to do so, you'll turn heads! - promise!
keep your mind, heart, soul, and being OPEN! - you never know what can be awaiting you - don't close yourself off, or you might just miss that 'perfect' something - in addition send out good vibes and thoughts - they always return back with positive surprises!

it's good to guard yourself - but make sure you can still peak out - the warriors in your life will break any wall needed to get to you - just leave a lil opening to be nice :o)

have fun in life - question everything, dream big, wonder the impossible, and discover who you are - however you view life, it truly is at your fingertips - it's what you make it to be - so make it grand!

take the time to soul search - it's good to take a step back every so often - reevaluate and move forward - be true to you and sore through the clouds - don't let things or people hold you back

get out there - travel, go to open spaces, breathe the fresh air, see the world, be free, go natural, love

when you know someone could use a shoulder - lend yours - do so with no expectations in return - for if you expect, you most likely will be disappointed - do good because you want to do good, not for 'reward'

pinky swear to yourself! - to never utter gossip - to never wish harm - to never do bad deeds - to always think positive - to always smile just before your about to cry - to only speak good about others --> if you break your own pinky swear then you only have yourself to blame

i love reading people's ideas/thoughts on life!

My Life Update for all the inquiries :
my Mom starts her radiation Monday (for breast cancer for any new readers) - she'll have a long 2 months of treatment, but hopefully after it all she'll be 1000% cancer free (she had a fast growing cancer, the Dr told her that if she waited 2 more months, she wouldn't of made it) - she still is dealing with major stomach issues, the gall bladder surgery (Christmas Eve) has not seemed to help, which means that the major hiatal hernia surgery is highly probably (but holding off on that till radiation is done, b/c that surgery has a long recovery time, few months) - in addition my Dad is getting knee surgery today, he is a high risk patient, so praying everything works out and he can walk again! (( thank you all who have inquired about us, your comments/thoughts have been beautiful )) - can not wait for my entire family to be healthy again! - my Sister-in-Law is now in physical therapy, but she has a long road ahead of her before she can walk again (new readers = she was in a major car accident Dec 1st with my Niece in the car, Niece made it out with minor bruises and soreness, my SIL has a shattered foot - both cars completely totalled in accident - horrific scene!)

let me tell you - i can not wait till these "my life" updates have zero updates regarding 'health' and 'boo hoo' news - i realized through all this NO news is the best news - i'm not the kinda' girl who likes drama at all!

even though the last few months have been really trying and i sometimes wonder why everything has to happen at once - and why am i the one who has to take on the responsibilities entailed in every ones recovery - i know God will give me challenges in life and when i overcome them i become and stronger and better person - i also think when life gets hard you get to realize how important the people are around you and you get a chance to see the ones who love you shine! - it makes you realize how special people are and what true friends and family are like - and i am grateful and lucky! - i still stand true that i love everything about my life, ups and downs, i know it can't be beat - i'm thankful and grateful through it all!

House - Girls Night Update:
girls night last night was such a success - everyone braved the elements and made it! - i was literally over the moon they all came and had a great time - drinks were flowing, food was filling bellies, and laughs filled the house - it couldn't of been a better night! - THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!! (sorry i kept everyone out so late) - we're going to make it a once a month thing - best part of it all, everyone made themselves right at home - i LOVE that, i absolutely adore when people feel comfortable and at home in my space - and they were *heart it*

my sheepskin rug came - LOVE! - the girls loved it as well - and get this - my "x-base table" is coming TODAY! - so my living room will be complete - well except for artwork - can not wait for tonight to soak it all in! - AND to get some sleep, i'm working on 4 hours of sleep right now *boo*

oh and i finally started up the Wii again - it totally yelled at me *haha* - i haven't started it in so long, it wouldn't even let me turn it on until i upgraded all the software - *haha* - then i got yelled at by the Wii Fit for not showing up for over 800 days *woooops* - i think Erika needs to get some exercise and diet plans in the works - i'm starting to turn into an elephant :o)

*PHEW* - ok so everyone should be caught up from here ... i'm working on being really boring for awhile! :o)  (( did i keep your attention still? haha, i lost myself, no worries ))

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  1. Sending prayers your way for you & your family.

    I didn't know the Wii would yell at you. Now I'm scared! It's been AWHILE since I've done it!!!

  2. Hope your mom is doing well...thoughts go out to her!

    Love that Somewhere Over the Rainbow... :)

  3. Best wishes for your mom, darling. I so agree with you, every minute of life is unique, it is to be enjoyed and lived. If we are worried or thinking of the future and not living the present, we miss it. We are missing living our lives to the fullest. I love your attitude! I live by the same standards of happiness as you seem to do.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hope that your mom will feel better and better each day...I will keep her in my thougts...That is such an inspirational post. Hugs and kisses,my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a natural cosmetics GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  5. Thank you for keeping us up to date. I was going to ask in my comments but you answered all my questions. No news is good news, right? Prayers to your family!

  6. It sounds like you really need this inspiration that you provided for the blogosphere! I am so sorry to hear about everything that has been happening in your family. I know what it is like -- Last year, my grandmother passed away in July, my cat (my best friend for 18 years) passed away not even two weeks later, and my grandfather (to whom I was extremely close) passed away in December. It is absolutely horrible when traumatic events occur so closely to one another, but you will get through it. It will suck, but you will do it.

    Keep being positive. Keep having fun whenever you can. And don't forget to laugh!

  7. Erika you inspire me to no end. Really, your attitude and outlook on life is amazing. Thank you. I will continue to pray for your family.

    Big hugs to you


  8. Sending lots of good thoughts your family's way!

  9. How nice to get all caught up!!! Definitely sending positive thoughts for all of the health trials and your mom.
    P.S. That little yellow chicken made me laugh out loud, he looks so cute :)

  10. Sounds like a lovely time with friends. Monthly seems like such an easy plan to keep and yet I seem to blow it always. Happy thoughts to your mom and you.

    Cant wait to see the room all together-hint hint!

  11. Best wishes & positive thoughts to your Mom & your dad!! Glad to hear that the girl's night was a success & that your home is coming together!! =) Be strong sweetie & I really sending positive thoughts to you & your family.

    That hippo planter? or bar? is insane. Talk about an accent piece!!

  12. I absolutel adore that "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" wall art! Amazing! I believe every word too :-)

    ~ Clare x


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