Wallpaper wonders

i very much so have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper - good wallpaper LOVE it - bad wallpaper loathe it! - i literally spent over a year of my life going through wallpaper books, getting samples sent to me, ect. - and in the end i never ordered anything ..

below are some great examples of the use of unique wallpaper:

i've had this zebra wallpaper in my 'must have' folder for years now - i wanted to wallpaper my stairway going to the 2nd floor of my house - only problem - good wallpaper is $$$$
this exact wallpaper was the inspiration of my ceiling in my back porch - i got a stencil that is similar and have stenciled the ceiling - i admit i got only 1/4 of the way done, before i called it quits - it's REALLY tough holding a stencil upside down and painting above your head :o(

i don't know what it is - but birch trees and wallpaper just seem perfect to me - would LOVE this paper in my bathroom - or on the back wall in my bedroom!

metallic wallpaper is a love thing with me - it's all things girly yet funk too! - and why not wallpaper your closet?! - i mean we do spend lots of time in there, right ladies?!

what a fabulous idea and cost efficient - use a map!

think outside the box - wallpaper is good for a lot more then just walls - take a look at this adorable file cabinet!

i LOVE grasscloth wallpaper - it's a great way to add texture, dimension, and depth to any room!

have you always craved of having your own personal library in your pad? - well look no further, get wallpaper!

i know normally when the younger generation thinks of wallpaper - we think YIKES! - but really it's not that scary - longs you have the good stuff, right look, right quality - it can be beyond words! - wallpaper can bring so much 'more' to a room, give it a try, i think you might like it!


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  1. Huge fan of wallpapers! Wallcovering today is not what it was when we were growing up. I think a mixture of wallpapered walls and painted walls in a home is sheer perfection. Love all the samples you've shown. How's your mother?

  2. Oh yes and the metallic one is so edgy and fun!

  3. I too am loving wall paper.. Especially the more vantage style :)

  4. I love the idea of wallpapering a cabinet or chest of drawers!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Totally hearting everything about the first room!

    A few years ago we did a shimmery damask pattern on one bedroom wall behind the bed. It blended perfectly with the already there paint color & really spruced the room up. I was scared I'd tire easily of it but no such thought!

  6. I love wall paper but I would nver use it on my walls because I'd probably screw it up! lol

    How is your mom doing???

  7. I love it but I would feel SOOOO committed to it. I would definitely go big though. That's just my style.

  8. I love the look of wallpaper, and I've hung it many times in the past -- it's an easy do it yourself project. However, after having to remove it from a couple of rooms, I would never use it again. Stenciling a wallpaper pattern may take a little more time up front, but when you're ready for a change, all you need is a roller and a can of paint. And stenciling gives you that custom look hand painted look, with no seams.

  9. wall paper kind of scares me, but I have been wanting to do the map thing in the playroom for a while. maybe one day i wil

  10. I love the zebra and the birch trees! soooo fun!

  11. Wallpaper has come a long way. I think the concept is relatively the same as when it first hit the design world. There was a period when people were anti-wallpaper, but now that there are so many wonderful and acceptable options it is making a huge comeback. I for one would love to use it in the near future.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  12. i have wanted that birch tree paper for years! but it's soo crazy spendy, and the hubbers refuses to put wallpaper up at all. sigh.
    lovely selections tho. :)

  13. definitely loving it and adore your selections here. we just put wallpaper in our bathroom and I love it :)

  14. Because of you I've now just fallen in love with wallpaper!!!

  15. i love wallpaper too...but not the busy prints...i find subtle pastel designs irrisitible. you can also frame wall paper and hang them as panels on a wall instead of sticking it on to the entire wall. :)

  16. at some point in your life you need to recreate that first room in entirety. it is HAWT

    and the grass paper one, too.

    wallpaper is the new granny chic. i love that biz.


  17. The current batch of wallpaper designs are incredible, for sure. I think the "hate" part of the equation comes from memories of the horrible '70s and '80s patterns and designs!

  18. I am dying to use wallpaper! These are all reasons why!! XO Kelly

  19. Erika, that zebra wallpaper is to die for! I can totally see you having that! Sorry, I haven't been by... it's been crazy busy. Hope your Mom is doing well. xo


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