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FIRST .. Happy Near Year every one! - it's 2011 and i'm so excited - i love the 'official' beginning of beginnings - and i'm a true believe in "start overs" and "redo's"!! - hope every one is rejuvenated and ready to kick some butt in 2011 like I am - BIG THINGS AHEAD FOR ME! *wooohooooo*

SECOND .. on a bum note - i was suppose to be in the middle of the Caribbean right now for 2 weeks - my 2 week cruise vacation had to be postponed with all the "happenings" in my family *boooooo* - but i turely believe it was meant to be, and when i finally get aboard the boat, it's gonna be the best cruise ever!

*postive mind = positve results*

ANYWAY - back to blogging ..
a bunch of 'loves' i'm feelin' big time - see below:

i seriously wanna adopt this little guy - my Dad in college actually had a monkey!!! - yes a real monkey, well it was actually his roommates, but how awesome, right? - i want a monkey!

best advice i can give any one for 2011 !

i've been obsessing over crowns lately - i need some for my 'palace'!

mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup - genius! - will have at my next cocktail party!

in love with this 'bun' of sorts - i'm all about the imperfections of perfection

gypsy-boho vibes - ALL ERIKA! - love their looks!

beyond in love with this sweatshirt!

best dog house evah!

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  1. Happy New Year Erika! Wishing you all the best for 2011!
    Sorry to hear about your cruise, that's such a bummer! But I love you positive attitude and for sure you have great things ahead of you this year!

  2. So sweet! Love your visuals :) Happy New Year and I'm sorry you missed that wonderful vacation. Timing is everything for sure. Sending you hugs. Oh, and if you visit the Queen City of Charlotte, every street sign has a crown on it! XO

  3. Happy New Year Erika!! I'm sorry to hear that the Carribean didn't happen & I hope all is okay with the family & your mom is doing better!! I love the positive attitidude for this year! I need some of that! =) That rent-free quote rocks! I have to remember that! =) I hope your week is a good one! Those grilled cheese sandwiches look soo yummy!!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Happy New Year, sweetie...I so love that little guy..How adorable:) Wish you all the best, darling and have a great one

  5. Happy New Year!!! Hope it's a year filled with much health and happiness! The dog house is too much...love it!

  6. Hey sweetie Happy 2011! I love love love your piece of advice. Grudges are just no good, the only person who is bothered by it is the person who has the grudge. I am all about letting go and just being happy. Happy 2011

  7. Love the crowns too! I've never seen that look! :)
    Happy NY!

  8. Happy New Year darling! Such a beauiful post to start off the New Year! XX

  9. Happy new year! I love all the pictures in this post!! My husband has been obsessed with getting a monkey forever! Our boxer resembles a monkey (gorilla actually) sometimes so that's going to have to do it for us but that little guy in the picture is beyond adorbs!! I also love that bun in that girl's hair!! And the crowns! I know I've seen that pic before... where is it from?? xoxo Hope 2011 is everything you wish for!

  10. Fabulous post, darling!
    Especially loving the bun.

    Happy 2011!


  11. Ahh, that poor monkey! I'm sure your dad is wonderful, but can you imagine college kids trying to take care of a mokey? Lol!

  12. thanks for the infusion of postivitey this morning! :)

  13. Super idea with the grilled cheese, the posibilities are endless. I have to steal this idea.

  14. Oh, I can't wait for you and that cruise! And I love the grilled cheese sammies! yum!

  15. Love your positve outlook almost as much as I love the mini grilled cheese and tomato soup - fabulous idea!!

  16. Pass the boho girl...pass it, PASS IT! hehe

    I can't wait to hear when you step foot on that boat. It'll most def be a much-deserved break for you. Hope all is well and HNY!


  17. Happy New Year Erika!!!!!

    I love that bun! It's truly special!

  18. Wishing you a fab new year and I love the grudge quote = so true!

  19. Such inspirational images!!

    xo Lynzy

  20. absolutely love the monkey! ahha so cute =D happi new year!

  21. Love that sweater too, love. Too bad about your cruise, but...maybe were kept safe from something. I think your attitude is great. I think positive as well. Life is so much better that way! Wow...a monkey. I'm scared of monkeys...silly I know. But, no, I am.

  22. Happy New Year!! I love that quote...need that monkey....and would so love that soup and grilled cheese right now.
    Best Wishes!!!

  23. LOVE that mini grilled cheese idea! I just had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch - the ultimate combo :)
    That dog house is toooo cute!


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