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Guest Post today is Kristy from WD bathrooms:

Everyone knows the importance of home design and making the most of what you can work with. The two sacred areas of the home are the kitchen and the bathroom, so it is important that we maintain their design. I have been thinking for a while it was time that I spruced up my bathroom and I have found a few tips to help me along the way:

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and so it is imperative that you create the illusion of space. Stunning wet room panels and designer shower trays will reflect light and create a minimal bathroom feel. (I love this contemporary look!)

So you have lots of shampoo and shower gel but nowhere to put it? Try Bathroom Furniture it is a must to discreetly hide all the clutter and many designs now have integrated basins as well. White gloss finishes are the fashion at the moment affordable and complimentary to add into any bathroom design.

A powerful shower will create the dream end to a stressful day (We all have those days!) Electric showers are the perfect choice for busy people, heating water instantaneously and providing easy installation. Benefits of an electric shower are that the shower will work when the hot water tank is cold, which will suit many peoples heating systems. Hot water is continuous so that the whole family will not have to fear freezing cold showers!

If your budget does not stretch to a complete bathroom makeover then update fixtures. Add chrome accessories and modern bathroom taps and let your bathroom live again!

So here are a few tips I have found for a dream bathroom,
have you got any bathroom design tips that you can share with us?


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  1. The only way I can picture gorgeous bathrooms is with towels all over the floor from my family...yep this is beautiful!

  2. Great a beautiful bathroom!!

  3. Great tips! I need to update my bathroom and this is so helpful. New bathroom furniture is needed ASAP!

  4. so cool bathrooms :) :) love it! thanks for the inspiration

  5. I love the contemporary look of that first shower too. I wish my bathroom looked like that!

  6. Those are such a great tips:)Wish you a great Thursday


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