Temperley London

i don't think it's any surprise i'm a HUGE fan of Temperley London - i'm sure i've mentioned it on here a few times - i was looking at The Prippy Handbook and spotted this caftan and DIED!

the $1650 price tag killed me too - but i'm IN LOVE!

praying that Gilt (sample sale site) gets this and i can snag it on a deal! - i NEED this for my cruise! - i need this just b/c i 'need' this! - i need this just just need this! *sigh*

(true story! - i swear)

Night Out Update - Weekend Plans - Mom Update
Night out -->  so as i told you guy's a bunch of us went out in Morristown to see a friend play acoustic and well i discovered WHIP CREAM VODKA! - YES straight whip cream vodka shots, AH-MAZE-ING - mixed along the night was champagne, martinis and of course beer - which made Thursday a tough day to get through - but i handled it like a champ! - i got to finally wear my faux fur vest that i thought would be a 1 time deal, so glad i used it for 1 more time before it goes into 'bin land'  (it was off tho within an hour, i find it terribly annoying to wear) - it was a great time for all and made a few new friends - can't beat it!!!

(we are missing a few people - as well as the dancing - ect - ya know when the photo cam only comes out once? - yea, one of those nights)

Mom -->  my Mom is getting the 'effects' now from the chemo - but she is strong and a survivor! - her hair has not fallen out yet, but she does have a wig and scarves ready to go! - Joe actually brought over her fave cheesecake the other day for her as a surprise (bakery in Staten Island) ! - so my Mom has been flooded with love! - THANK YOU BLOG LOVES for asking about her all the time and all your prayers! *hugs* - she reads them all and ADORES you!

Weekend -->  oh my loves here in Jersey it's gonna be in the 60's!!!!! - yes like 65!!! - wha what?! - but i'll take it! - hopefully all the snow will FINALLY all melt away! - Joe and I are gonna go over some options for our next ski/snow boarding trip before there is no more snow! (we seem to always be slow planners when it comes to skiing/snowboarding) - i hope to make that 'lemon pull apart loaf' i never got to last weekend - finally 'celebrate' heart day with Joe - some retail therapy - find window treatments for my bedroom - and mix in a lil relaxation - oh wait and whip cream vodka too!


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  1. LOVE the quote. I need that for my closet...seriously! It's so true. Yay for vacations too...hope you have a great one.

  2. Glad to hear your mom is doing well too : )

  3. Hell yeah to the warmer weather!! I'm so happy about that!! Whip Cream vodka? Sounds awesome!!! Good luck planning the new trip! Best wishes to your Mom! She is definitely a fighter! We're routing for her!!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Warm in DC too! Super excited to actually go outside and enjoy the weather. I feel the same way in my closet, so many choices but nothing to wear. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your pics! xx

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    kiss kiss
    Glamour Marmalade

  6. I know whipped cream vodka and sunny delight....I know it sounds very gross but taste just like an orange cream icecream bar. You know the one, right?

    Have a fab weekend and much love to your mom.

  7. I want that caftan! It is gorgeous and perfect for being fabulous. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

  8. that dress is gorgeoussss!!! enjoy your weather, maybe it will make your mom feel a little happier :)

  9. Oh wow that dress is amazing! It's so pretty.

    Sending love to your mom and you via Fedex. Expect it there in a couple of hours. (Air freight.)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. SO glad you love the caftan, too!

    Sending positive energy your mom's way! And lots of good vibes to you. xo

  11. Now I have that song stuck in my head "Whip it, whip it REAL good!" Ha :D Cruisin sounds like a great idea right about now. I am excited for you!! XO

  12. Ummmmm yes LOVE whip cream vodka:-)


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