You had me at first glance!

let me start by saying - PICTURE OVERLOAD - but i couldn't help myself
these are SHOW STOPPING spaces that i HAD to post

"UNIVERSE please send me some of this decor love my way!" - your friend Erika

*gasp* the chandelier!

this could VERY possibly be MY house - LOVE it all
you know whomever lives here is totally a rock star right?!
and YES, i'm sayin' i'm a rock star too! - aren't you?!

elegance - yes this screams elegance to me
i feel this retro 60's - 70's vibe all the way
please decor gods hear me out - I WANT THIS! - ALL OF IT!

i'm already thinking of how i will recreate this!
my mind is a buzz right now!

they have Panton chairs, come on, you knew i had to throw some Panton's out there!

1.  i LOVE mushrooms and 2.  my Niece LOVES penguins
i think this is a match made in heaven!
no lie - i want a mushroom outdoor table and seating for my backyard!
(always been my dream)

i have those white balls in red! (in my home office)
i love how they connected 2 coffee tables to make 1 huge one
Buddha guy on the table + tribal artwork + the Asian piece = *adore*

i wanna run home and write on my mirrors right now!

i HAD to add this picture - who else wants a lil piggy?!
fun fact: i soon will be the proud Mommy of a mini-pig (yes a real one)

lucite - how much do i LOVE lucite?!
the mirror + fireplace + stools + pink pillows
this place calls for a GIRLS NIGHT!


Mom Update:
her hair coming out in clumps today - she thought it 'might not happen to her' - but it is starting - i'm taking her to a 'support group' today where they show her how to create eyebrows and so forth - it's at the PERFECT time for her i think - and i will do my darnest to make this day HAPPY and not SAD! -- oh and it SNOWED again today *oye*

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  1. The lucite table in the last image would be fabulous in my it! More importantly, good luck to your mother and you today. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  2. So many gorgeous spaces!
    Especially loving the last one!

    So sorry about mom's hair :(
    Great idea taking her to a support group!


    P.S. Thanks for your congrats on my blogiversary and thanks for being a loyal Couture Carrie reader, darling E!

  3. That room with the Pantom chairs is insane. I am in love.

    Hugs and prayers to your mom!


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  5. Hi sweet Erika!
    I love how you speak out to the Universe! This is totally the way to go if you want to make your wishes come true! Have faith girl:)!
    I´m certain you are such a loving support for your mom, going through this difficult time in her life(but also for the rest of the family). Stay togheter and be there for one another! I´ve been going this journey with my mom, so I totally know how hard it all can be! Stay positive!

    All My Love!!!

  6. Thant chandelier is gorgeous, my only thoughts would be how horrible to clean it. lol :)

    Love the photos. :)

  7. you have great taste in rooms :) good luck at the support group!

  8. AMAZING POST! i want a peace of every room!

  9. Gorgeous rooms!
    Losing hair is so tough. I hope the meeting goes well. Love to you and her!

  10. These images are gorgeous! Thanks for making my monday morning that much better :)

  11. There's some great inspiration here... I seriously need to redecorate!

  12. what i am MOST excited about is the fact that you're going to get a baby pig! you must post pics when this happens!


  13. These are all great pics - I hate mushrooms as food but I love them as decor, those are great!

  14. So hard what your Mom is facing... she is so lucky to have you, Erika. Your constantly positive attitude is so amazing.

    I LOVE that chandelier in the first photo too. xo

  15. thanks for that mom update, you are so very sweet!

  16. The chandelier in the first pic is exquisite! Stunning photos...

    Sending good vibes and energy to your mama girl...xo

  17. Great collection of images! Great idea for your Mom...your'e a really good daughter. Wishing her all the best!

  18. Ohh Im so sorry about your mom's hair. Sending kisses and hugs your way, darling

    Ps: that chandelier is amazing!

  19. A mini-pig? Oh my god! I can't wait to hear about this and see tons of adorable photos. Hopefully the little piggy will give your mom some much needed cheering up, too. You sound like you're being a wonderful, supportive daughter. Make sure you're talking care of yourself throughout all this too.


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